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Review: The Rebound

The ReboundThe Rebound by Emilia Mancini

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 stars romance, contemporary, erotica

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cover 4.5 stars

If I were in a store I would buy it looking at the cover.
I would have guess that it was an erotica romance.
I also find the black and white photo very elegant.

characters 4.5 stars

Conner: I really liked him. Even though I guess I would like him to be a bit more rough on the edges, he did make up for it during sex. :)
Casi: She was a good character also. Not so nice, more troubled than Conner, but her separation was freshier than him, so I guess her scars were to new still.

plot 3.5 stars

It's a really well written story. Even though that's a lot of sex scenes, it doesn't feel this way, because they have meaning and purpose on the plot.
I like how the author brought out the emotions of the characters which really helped me to connect with them and feel throught the book their feelings.
My one major problem was the ending. I did not like at all. I felt it was rushed, that maybe if there story were a bit longer we could have the end that it deserved. In fact, the games were amazing and I did not believe that the couple felt like it they wouldn't need it anymore within their relationship going steady.

I would have rated the plot 5 stars, but near the ending it's suppose to be the climax of the book and it left me frustrated.

sex heat 5 stars

This was amazing. I wasn't expecting that many great scenes in such a short book. I loved the voyerism club idea. It was hot hot hot!

originality 4 stars

I found it refreshing. It brought something new, even though I was expecting the HEA, it took me a while to find out who would be the "break-up" reason before the I-love-you-forever-kind-of-thing (which I personally love, because I'm always looking for a HEA).

editing 5 stars

I don't remember a particular problem with the book, which was wonderful. Nowadays, specially in short-stories I find a lot of typo problems.

Impressions and Opinion

This was almost the perfect short-story book. I cannot let a bad ending slide though.

I would recommend this book to everyone that likes contemporary romance. If you are not into erotica though, you won't like, and maybe if you only read hardcore kinky it won't like it either.

If you are like me that read from vanilla romance to hardcore, you will have a thrill.
It's very sweet kinky! Hot!

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Review: Theirs to Play

Theirs to Play (Billionaire Games, #1)Theirs to Play by Kenya Wright

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 stars contemporary, erotica,

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Summary: Wow! This was so different than anything I was expecting.

The story has 3 characters in a first person POV. 2 guys and 1 girl.

The brothers are rich, spoiled and careless. The girl has learned the hard way about "their type" before. She decides she is the perfect person to teach them a lesson. So, she enters this "game" to win. Will there be any winner at the end of the book? You MUST read this to find out!

cover 5 stars

If I were in a store this cover would have catch my attention.
It's classy and beautiful. The black and white and the use of shadows makes it's very elegant. I also love that the title adds to the cover and doesn't compete for attention.
In relation to the book, I would guess this is an erotica romance and with the addition of the title I would also assume that the story has more than 2 main characters.
I love it! This woman is sexy and she knows.

characters 5 stars

Ms. Wright's characters are masterfully written. It's amazing how she builds multi-dimensional characters without loosing the pace of the plot. She presents characters with such emotional depth, that makes the reader really feel for/with/against them.

Dawn: She is the perfect "heroine". She is a kick-ass independant woman, that knows what she wants and takes charge of her life. Like everybody she has scars and is afraid of repeting past mistakes, but she doesn't let those mistakes rule her life.

"This was about lashing back at the theorized alpha male who thought he could do or say anything he wanted just because he had good looks, money, and the stupidity of a swollen ego."

Freddy: A spoiled rich man, that is totally lost and doesn't even know it. He is hot, rich and shallow. He goes through life creating lies and using people for his own amusement. He is insecure and hides behind a mask of hapiness. He is the most imperfect "hero" you could ever find.

Max: He is a lost puppy. It seems that he has been crying for help for a while, but because he comes from such a shallow, selfish world, he doesn't have anyone around him taking the time to notice. He is the youngling that has never heard no. He is into this path of self-destruction and doesn't see a way out.

plot 5 stars

It's very unexpected. Amazing!

It's written in the first person, switching from three different POV. It was a very smart move of the author, as this style of writing offered a better emotional immersion within the characters at the same time it kept the pace of plot fluid.
This plot was so well crafted that it was easy to follow, but it keep me guessing along the way. Even though I've finished the book wanting more, I've got the feeling that the first segment was complete and it happened as it should have.
This book made me laugh (view spoiler), at the same time it made me feel so much.
The only con I can remember, it was the way they travelled out of the spur of the moment, because I don't believe people carry the right documentation anywhere they are at, to just leave and go. (I know, I'm very picky and this is fiction)

sex heat 5 stars

This wasn't an erotica book full of sex scenes. No, it was a book with a sensual vibe from the beginning to the end of the book, and the sex scenes were built gradually in intensity. The last one with the bit of voyarism was HOT.
I believe they were all pertinent to the plot.

originality 5 stars

I've never read this one before. NEVER! I was not expecting this at all. This veered so much from my initial idea of the book, that all I can say is WOW!

editing 4.5 stars

I did find a few mistakes, but they were really few, to be counted in one hand only.

Impressions and opinion

All the books that I've read from Ms. Wright before were PNR, so I was unsure how her "world built" would work with contemporary romance.

I am a fan! From now on, I will read everything/anything Ms. Wright's write, because she knows how to twist a plot.

"So you ask, if I hope to break you. Hell f***** yes. I want to be lost in you for several hours. I want to destroy you until you can't see or think about anything else but me. I have to command your body and capture your soul."

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Review: Captiva Captive

Captiva Captive
Captiva Captive by Talyn Scott

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

2.5 starsPNR, erotica

cover 4 stars

Looking at it's cover I could see this book is erotica and that it was about a woman held captive.
I'm missing here elements that would point out the supernatural part of the book.
It's a classy cover.

characters 2.5 stars

There are so many characters, and groups in this book, that I find a bit confusing who are the main and the secondary.
It's clear I've missed some info of the book (now I've found out that a previous series has introduce all this characters before).

Sixten: I guess he is the male protagonist of the book. I don't like him.
Yes, I like Dominants, but not bullies. In my opinion Sixten is a bully. He likes to say he is so different than his brother, I have my doubts. (1 star)

Blythe: I don't dislike her, but I don't love her either. I don't know exactly what of her I don't like, I guess I just didn't feel the connection. (2.5 stars)

Secondary characters: So many of them. I will mention those that I find much more interesting than the main characters here.
I like Dakota, Blythe supposedly best friend, that is never mentioned by Blythe at all.
I like Kash, Sixten's best-friend. Now that is a vampire that I could tangle with.
I like Rock the security specialist of the were-wolves.
I like Dr. Dru, the vampire doctor. (4 stars)

plot 3 stars

It's not an easy to follow book, and I've found myself lost many times. The author jumps back and forth in time, but doesn't give the readers any words or dates, or anything as transition warning.
I think the fact that I haven't read the first series that is connected to this one, plays a major part on me getting lost at times. But there was no where in the blurb of the book recommending the series, so I've just found out after I've finished the book.

I did get hook to the story at some point, and it kept me guessing at times. Mostly the secondary characters were the ones that interested me.
I want more, because I believe some characters deserve their own book.

sex heat 2.5 stars

I didn't really enjoy this compulsion thing of the vampires with the others. I was never sure when the women were really enjoying and when they were being forced to enjoy.
Some good scenes, but I did not connect with them.

originality 4 stars

The author's idea is different than most I have read, I only sometimes believe that she is mixing too many ideas together.

editing 2 stars

Too many typo mistakes. The worst part was that the main characters name "Sixten" I believe, were typed as Sixteen a lot through out the book. Really hope this problem will be fixed in the second book of the series.

Impressions and opinion

This was one of those confusing books, that it felt kind of like a roller coaster and I'm not sure what to rate.

I will read book 2 only because I have it already inside my kindle and I'm hoping to see some of my favorite characters' story told.

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Review: By Surprise

By Surprise
By Surprise by Alyssa Turner

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 starsmenage, m/m/f, romance, erotica

"Love doesn't make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile." - Franklin P. Jones

A male gay couple is living in their dream-house when one of them looses his job. Solution comes in the for of a childhood friend that needs a big room to stay.
They all fall in love with each other. Their journey is unexpected and sweet.

cover 4 stars

I can see it's a contemporary menage. It's not really really hot, but that's not what this book is about.
I wished they had kept the leaves out, so the title would have been in the bottom not on top of the people.
I would buy in a store without much thinking.

characters 4 stars

Paxton: He is ok. Yeah, he should be the one for me to love usually, because I adore a cop and he seem to be the dominant in his relationship. But then, starts my few problems with Paxton. First he is too perfect, and I adore imperfections. Second, I did not love the fact that he wasn't complete honest with his partner, maybe because I did really liked Nicholas and felt that he deserved it better. (3 stars)

Nicholas: He is adorable. Gay that has never had any interest in a woman before. He is insecure, but he takes on the things that he fears instead of hiding from them. I was a bit bother by the fact that he wasn't looking for another job, but that's my personal craziness lol.(4 stars)

Jodi: My favorite of the trio. I really liked Jodi. She had everything to be a victim, but she wasn't. She took on her ghosts straight-on and she was never afraid of taking the next step. (5 stars)

plot 4 stars

The biggest surprise of the book, and at that moment Ms. Turner won me a little bit, was that this book was a love story. It was a menage, but it was never focus on the sex between three people. It was focus in how; Jodi that has always loved Paxton, that loves Nicholas and Jodi, that starts no also love Nicholas, win the game of her life, Nicholas' heart. Really, for a short book, it was kind of emotional roller coaster of the three characters. Specially for Nicholas.
Even though the book tries to bring Jodi to the spotlight, I throughly felt that this journey belong to Nicholas most of all. It was not cheesy how a gay man start to love a not-perfect-at-all woman.

The story was easy to read, and it come as a nice surprise for me. I did end the book wanting more, and that for me was the fault of the book. It should have been a full novel and not a novella.
I wished the author had more time to give us a full account of this love journey.

sex heat 3 stars

Sex was never the focus of this book, it had a few scenes, not that hot, but endearing.
The one big scene with all three characters was equallly divided between the three, which is always good IMO.

originality 5 stars

For me it was really new. This was the first book I've read with menage that didn't explore the sex so much and that if focus more on the internal/emotional journey of the characters. It was different and unexpected for me, the reason why I gave 5 stars.

editing 5 stars

I don't remember any problems at all.

Impressions and Opinion

I was suppose to have read and reviewed this book last year. Due to personal problems I wasn't able to read until this week.

For those that loves erotica, specially the hardcore type this maybe a bit to tame.
If, you like erotica, but also venture into romantic stories like I do, you will enjoy this read, that will take you into an emotional journey.

I will keep on reading Ms. Turner's book because, what I've read so far, has really captivated me.

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Review: Breeding Cycle

Breeding Cycle (The Kategan Alphas, #1)Breeding Cycle by T.A. Grey

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

2.5 stars PNR, were-wolves, EROTICA, series, novella

Wolf Graphics & Comments

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Cover 3.5 stars

It's hot! We can see it's going to be sexy and that has a m/f couple in it.
What am I missing? Anything that tells me this is a PNR book of were-wolves. (That would be 1 star, but I took out 1.5, because something else is missing for me, just don't know what)

characters 3.5 stars

Hero: He is a good one. Hot, dominant male. (he would be a 4 stars)
Heroine: She was ok. I don't know, she was a bit annoying. I don't know why exactly but she wasn't the type of heroine that I fall in love with. (she would be between 2.5 and 3 stars)
secondary characters: I think his sibling maybe interesting. I really like his sister.
EVIL: Everything was suppose to make me hate her dad, not that I didn't but it just really made me dislike the heroine a little bit. Really, that are limits of being clueless (that's me trying to be nice here).

plot 2 stars

This is a hard one. I like erotica and I like PNR. Shifters are my favorite PNR, but I think this book was had a bit too much sex and not enough story.

Yeah, some scenes were HOT HOT HOT. But the story was chopped, very one-dimensional, the author didn't give me a real link for me to connect with the characters. I would like to know more how the packs work and so on.

It's a novella I know, but it needed a thicker plot.

sex heat 4.5 stars

It was a HOT HOT HOT book. I didn't personally like the first scene, I want a book to offer me something first, then sex. But the second one, she inside the cabin and he outside the cabin, that was GREAT!

originality 3 stars

I love shifters and I've read many many many books with them. I like the cabin scene and that made me read the book until the end. Was it knew, I don't know, but it was a good hook for me.

editing 1 star

This was horrible! I'm sorry I know I can be picky with this. But not only I found too many typo mistakes, but I also I found a couple sentences that I had to stop and re-read it a few times to understand.
I guess, this was one of the reasons I couldn't connect with the characters.

I really hope this was a first time edition type of thing, and that the next book of the series won't have this problem.

Impressions and Opinion

Sometimes I ask myself why I use this kind of organization into my reviews, this book is a great example for it. I had no idea what rating would I give this book. I had no idea if the sex had been enough to carry me on for the next book of the series or if this was it for me. So, my steps helped me organize my thoughts and get a clear picture of the whole book.

(my crazy Math: the cover I just add there for people like me, that would buy a book by it's cover or not buy because of horrible cover.
3.5 characters + 2 plot = 2.75, I will always go higher = 3
3 above sum + 4.5 sex heat = 4
4 above sum + 3 originality = 3.5
3.5 above sum + 1 editing = 2.25 = 2.5)

GR doesn't have the half, so depending of the cover I will go higher or lower for the ratings. (only 4 and 5 covers takes it higher)

I guess, after my crazy math and my indecision, I would rate this book average and will probably give the series a second chance. But that wouldn't be right now.
One of these days, I will try and read the second book and I hope the typo mistakes won't be there.

Sorry about the crazy Math, but I like to be fair with myself and what I think about a book, so I needed to brainstorm for this book.

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Review: Breaking the Nexus

Breaking the Nexus (Mythrian Realm, #1)Breaking the Nexus by Lindsay Avalon

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 stars PNR, romance, urban fantasy, series, witches, mages, elves

Witchy Comments

~Magickal Graphics~

Summary: A totally new world to be explore. This world is getting mixed with Earth. A human and an "alien". Cops (I personally love stories with cops). Mythology. Romance. Hero, heroine, helpers against evil.

You will see a bit of everything in the mix of this really great, promising series.

cover 3.5 stars

I can see the guy and maybe guess he is a cop or military. I can see New York. I could maybe guess the fantasy in the mix. I don't see a woman and I would never guess this is a romance.

So minus one star for the lack of romance, minus 1/2 star for the not sure paranormal of the book.

characters 5 stars

Hero: A human cop. Mouthwatering. I love them good, but rough on the edges. Hot! Not afraid of letting his woman shine.
Heroine: Magical. Kick-ass, but impulsive which makes her imperfect and because of it, perfect.
secondary characters: some good ones to be explored. Luca, Alex, Ian.

plot 4.5 stars
It starts in this totally new world that I haven't ever read before. I'm the detail kind of person and the author didn't disappoint me. She tried to add lots of details about this "mythical world".
Since this book is mostly played on Earth, I guess I still have a lot more to learn from it, but I got a general idea.
Lots of different species, it can get a bit confusing sometimes. I'm ok with mixed-pnr, but I'm used to read PNR.
It was a fast-paced book, not very hard to follow and it keep me guessing along the story.The real evil did not show at first, which added for a great intensity growth along the book. I have ended the book wanting to know more.

sex heat 3.5 stars

Not erotica, but good sex vybe. It doesn't have lots of scenes, but you feel the atraction and the sex drive on the characters along the whole book. Maybe, some would say, "who would be thinking about sex in such a dangerous situation?", well this is fiction and I like sex in my books. :)

originality 5 stars

I think it's a very original book. Lots of facts of our mythology, with great twists into it.
We can see the author took her time to create this world and it seems she will take us into a great new journey.

editing 3 stars

I know this is sort of like first edition, and a new author, but I found some typo mistakes. Not that many to make me give up on the read, but enough for me to post a warning.

Impressions and opinion

I love to read new authors for the fresh ideas and the totally new concept and style. What makes me afraid for a new author series is that I will end up not having the series to read after all.

I really hope Ms. Avalon can continue this one, because I find her world very creative and appealing.
I can see many promising characters and I believe this "world" could offer endless directions to go.

I love PNR and have been reading it for a long time. If you are a first time PNR reader, I think a mixed-PNR plot maybe hard and a bit overwhelming for you to read.

I recommend it a lot for the PNR's lovers. I'm really looking forward to the next one!

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Review: Bound by Decency

Bound By Decency (The Flying Gang Legacy #1)Bound By Decency by Claire Ashgrove

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 stars historical romance, series

Summary: It was a good book.

It's not a new idea, but a well written version of the famous pirate story. A damsel in distress is kidnapped by the bad pirate, that ended up not being so bad. The pirate fall in love with his lady that doesn't act so lady like.

It seems cliché, but it was a great story with a very promising future for the series.

Pirate Comments & Graphics

~Magickal Graphics~

cover 4 stars

It's a good cover. You can understand what this is about by it's cover.

You know it's a romantic story with pirates. I guess I wished the name of the book was smaller and in a different place.

characters 4 stars

The hero is good, not great because I tend to enjoy more the bad-boy-type. He struggles with his past choices so much that made him a too good of a guy for me sometimes. :) Totally personal preference. He is hot and good.

The heroine I loved it. She was fun, different, as kick-ass as a rich-blue-blooded lady could be.

Really interesting secondary characters with major promises for future books.

plot 3.5 stars

It was nothing new, but very well developed by the author.
The pace of the book was it's weakest point. The beginning was slow, but after it heated up, it become quite good.
I ended the book, wanting more and the intensity did grew accordingly.

sex heat 4 stars

No, it's not erotica. But for a historical vanilla romance, the sex is good. Some very interesting scenes. (my comments are based on my personal preference, because I usually read more kinky books. But I do love romance and a great HEA)

originality 3.5 stars

No, the idea is this book is not new, but the series in general seems very refreshing with some great plots to be discover.

editing 5 stars
I don't remember any typo mistakes. Thanking you Ms. Ashgrove and her editing team. I really appreciate good editing.

Impressions and Opinion

I started my romance books journey with historical books. I was just a teen back then, and I used to love it. Nowadays, it's not what I usually read, but I still enjoy it now and then. It really depends on the author.
Claire Ashgrove got her a new fan. At least this series I plan to finish and probably will try some of her other books.
Her book is well written, with a not one-dimensional plot. Her story has depth and I can see that her series will probably gain in intensity.

If you enjoy historical romances, this is a great one to read it.

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Review: Blood Knot

Blood Knot (Blood Stone, #1)Blood Knot by Tracy Cooper-Posey

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 stars PNR, Vampires, menage, m/m/f

Vampire Comments

~Magickal Graphics~

Summary: Wow, wow, wow! I loved it!

An old vampire all-male couple had a tiff. Then enters a not-so-human female into the mix, and we got COMBUSTION! What can I say, you have PNR, lots of sex( f/m, m/m, m/f/m, m/m/f,) and a great new world. What's not to like?

cover 5 stars

Have you seen this cover? It's amazing! I would buy it in a store, just for the cover alone. I would know exactly what this book is about.
What would I see in a store? This book is hot, with an m/m/f relationship, where we probably would guess with a m/m couple and the f coming in later. I would guess pnr, and most specially vampire because of the grayish color and the face of the male.

characters 5 stars

I have no idea whom I've liked best. 2 amazing heros and 1 kick-ass heroine. Really! Tracy Cooper-Posey was inspired.

If I could make one criticism it would be, that I would like to know what species exactly is each character.
But I believe the discovery is part of the journey of the book.

plot 5 stars

It was a very well written story. It was not hard for me to follow, even though I have never been to this "world" before. I like how the author explained the mixture of fiction with RL myths.
It was fast-pacing, even though a long book, and it keep me guessing all along. The author was amazing about increasing the intensity of this book and at the end I was totally satisfied at the same time wanting to read the next one.
This is one of the big props I would give the author. This is a serie with clearly a new world to be explored but it ended as a complete novel, no cliffhangers whatsoever. Amazing!

sex heat 5 stars

HOT HOT HOT! I'm not sure if I haven't read it before, but if felt fresh and gave me a lot of goose bumps.
It was very descriptive and amazingly equal to all characters even though there were three of them.

originality 5 stars

This book is so good, that brought a total new "species" to this reader that have been reading PNR for the last 15 yrs or so.

editing 4.5 stars

I don't remember many typo mistakes and I tend to be pretty pick about them. (specially with books I've paid for)

Impressions and Opinion

I don't believe I've ever read a book from this author before. I know I got it as a freebie and I was suppose to have read it last year for a BOTM. Life ended it up getting in my way and I've only read it this week.
Never too late for greatness! I was really surprise by the book. I did choose it to read it by alphabetical order in my kindle, it was just my luck it starts with a B. lol

Among the many surprises this book brought, my favorite one, was how well the author mixed sex and love. It has lots and lots of sex scenes. Since I'm an erotica lover, I was very pleased with it. But, I don't find often, really hot sex scenes that doesn't make me doubt the love in it. Well, the author made me really believe that everybody was in love with each other in this book. My, need-must have HEA side, was well pleased at that.

If I would recommend this book? Please, what are you waiting for? I've said at the beginning this is a PNR - menage book. If you've read my review, you probably enjoy this type of book. Get yours and wow yourself!

This is the type of character Winter is:

"The physical world, including our bodies, is a response of the observer. We create our bodies as we create the experience of our world."

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Review: At His Request 2

At His Request 2
At His Request 2 by Silvia Rhodes

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4.5 stars BDSM, Erotica, short-story, series

I won't repeat myself. Summary, cover, characters are in my review of book 1.

plot 4 stars

I really liked the Dom and understood the sub's insecurities and fears. It was well explained and it was a good way of warning the readers for a real life situation.
It was easy to follow the story and it had the perfect balance between new things and things I've read before.
Great job overall!

sex heat 5 stars

Once again, one scene made the book for me. The rest of the scenes are great, but I love seeing a Dom loose a bit of control. Really fun! HOT HOT HOT

originality 4.5 stars

I read new things here. I liked it! The author did bring something fresh with they way the characters played their game. Love the vegetables!

editing 4.5 stars

Not many problems at all. I love to read a short-story that hasn't many typo mistakes.

Impressions and Opinion

A great BDSM book, that I would recommend if you like BDSM read. It's not for those that are beginning with BDSM books though.

I'm going to keep on with the series!

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Review: At His Request 1

At His Request 1
At His Request 1 by Silvia Rhodes

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 stars BDSM, short-story

The sub is bore with her life and is ready for a change. She meets, whom she hopes will be her Dom, and starts a new adventure.

Cover: 2.5 stars
I like the cover we see here in GR, but in my kindle that's not the cover, so I will review the one on my book.

It's vanilla! If I were at a bookstore I would never bought this book, by it's cover alone. Here I have a woman in white undies, lying down on a bed where a man watches here under a white comfort.
It's a bit romantic, but not this book at all!

characters: 4 stars

I like them both! The Dom, is a good one. The sub, is also a good one. Not 5 stars, because they were not amazing, but good!

plot: 5 stars

I really enjoyed this story. It was really easy to follow the direction of the book and it keep me wanting more through out my reading. I also did enjoyed how the intensity built out until the end.
Really well written!

sex heat 4.5 stars

It's hot! Really there first play scene, in my opinion a masterpiece. Not much happened in that scene, but it was loaded on emotions. Wow!

originality 4.5 stars

It's not very original, but at the same time, the author brings something new to this type of sex game. Like I said before, that first scene, sold me on the book!

editing 4.5 stars

I got a good version of the book, with not many mistakes.

Impressions and Opinion

It's a serie of short-story. There is a bit of cliffhanger at the end, but nothing left out to be said. What I meant is that the story was very well presented to us, with a from beginning to end. I wanted to read more about their relationship, but that week of games did end it.

Yeah, I want to know more about them and I'm going to read the next book of the series.

If you like BDSM short-stories, I totally recommend it to you! Really good book. Looking forward to read the series.

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