Friday, August 22, 2014


Long time! 

Long vacation! Several real life problems, and no time for blogging. 

(back in Rio, view from my house at 8 a.m.)

Good news:

I've just bought a new notebook. I still need a new desktop, but right now, I'm learning how to blog from my notebook.

(my family in Italy)


Post all my reviews. Because I did read. I only haven't had the time to write reviews. Hopefully I will still remember how.


I'm trying to clean up my libraries. The real one at my house and my kindles as well. It's hard, but I will try to avoid buying anything. I will only read my requested reviews and what I have on my kindles. 

It's going to be a challenge. Let's see if I can buy fewer books until the end of 2014 as a I try to clean up my kindle and/or library.

Also I would love to re-read my favorite books and post reviews.


September 1st my blog will be ready for this new year. Yeah, I work along with school calendar, because when my kids are on vacation, I work the most and I don't have time for blogging much.


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