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Review: Uprising

Uprising (Fires of Providence, #1)Uprising by Dawn Jayne

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4.5 stars PNR, adult fantasy, angels, dark angels, fallen angels, series, Lucifer

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It took me a while to post my review. Usually a book don't let me confused and dazed, this one did. So, I had to think about and settle my feelings. :)
I won't post a summary, because that would be hard for me to do it.

Cover 4 stars
It's a catching cover.
I always look for the theme of the book at the covers.
With this one, I can see is going to be about angels, maybe a gray/dark part of the world.
I just think that it maybe a bit YA the cover which could be misleading.

characters 5 stars
Tyre- he was my favorite. He was the kind of character that I love. A badass, with a huge ego and some attitude that usually hide some deep feeling inside, maybe part of the trials of life.
With Tyre starts my dazed feelings with the book.
I got stuck on him and it was hard for to grasp the concept of the path the author took with his character. Shocking!

Dominik - He is really the opposite of Tyre and i usually don't go for "perfection". So, I did struggle until the end with him, but I definitely so the growth of his character along the way. His twist was better taken than Tyre.

Rise - I love her. I love a dark heroine. She is not perfect, she screw up a lot, she is human even when she is not. :)

This is a totally multidimensional book, and there are several secondary characters that were quite interesting.
I did relate, connect and understood Ms. Jayne's characters.

plot 4.5 stars
I usually look for 5 main things here:
The world built by the author was amazing. On the surface it seems shallow, but as the book went on it got deeper and more creative with several twists along the way. Great work! (world built)

The story was not easy to follow IMO, and I disagree with some of the authors choices right at the beginning, so this was also a hindrance for me. (easy to follow)

Even when I got mad at this book, I was always intrigued and was always expecting the unexpected. The was not a moment that I didn't feel like guessing what was next. Full of twists!(keep me guessing)

I've ended this book wanting more! This I believe separates the good books from the great ones. :) (wanting more)

This book start in a slow pace, a bit shallow and it grew in intensity along the way. When I got to the climax, I had this pressure built inside me, this anguish, this feeling of doubt, of shock. Wow! I love to feel! (intensity)

credibility/originality4 stars
This is PNR, so inside of this fantastic world the author made I believe in it.
I have one tiny thing to point out: I think Rise adopt father was thrown away to easily and I believe that Shay story was left hanging.
Was it original? One of the most original reads I've ever seen. Wow!

impressions and opinion
I cannot rate it 5 stars and say this was outstanding because I don't agree with all the choices the author made. lol I know, I'm like a dog with a bone... can't let go!

Even with Tyre's twist at the end, I cannot see why the author would "waste" so much character potential this way.
Personally, I don't like what Tyre have become.

Was it better than great? Yep! It was.
Will I keep reading the series? YES!
Am I looking forward? Definitely!

I recommend for anyone that enjoys a great fantasy world.

Usually I read romance... the romance in this novel was very far away, but is so so so good, that I didn't miss it for more than 2 minutes.

"Angels aid us in our personal mission. We have to learn to listen, for if we block the angels out, they become only the fairy beings of dreams and pleasant stories." - Silver Ravenwolf

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Review: Assume the Position

Assume The PositionAssume The Position by T.C. Lee

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 stars erotica, light-bdsm, man-in-uniform


Regan Taylor is a lonely woman with only one friend. So, when her friend keep asking her to go into the most awful double-date in history, she can't say no.
She was late for a horrible date when she got pulled over by the hottest cop she has ever seen. He offers her the wildest hottest night of her life.
With Officer Alex Shaw, she learns that her sexual life has always been a failure because she need more than the vanilla world can offer her. She needs to be dominated. Can she find this with anyone else?

Officer/Detective Alex Shaw has some ghosts from the past and can't get out of the one-night-stand-type of date cycle, until he meets Regan that may change this. But, is he able to open up or will his ghost always be in the way?

Fate decides to get them together, but can they get through all their hurdles to be together?

cover 4.5 stars
I love a good cover that tells me exactly what I will be reading about.
With this cover, I can see the BDSM connection, I can see the man-in-uniform theme and I can feel this will be a hot one.
I took half a star because I wished he had a better buttock. I didn't like the pants. lol

characters 5 stars
Regan Taylor - I don't usually love the very innocent heroine, but Regan had spunk when needed. :) So, she grew in me.

Officer/Detective Alex Shaw - What red blooded person has never fantasy about being "manhandled" by a hot, dark and dangerous cop? Oh, maybe it's just me! lol
But Alex is HOT HOT HOT!

plot3.5 stars
World built was great. Dark alleys, abandoned places, beds with sturdy headboards. Really good!
This was a very easy read that keep me going and going and going.
A bit predictable, but I liked the twist of their second meeting. :)
I wanted more, I would have love for this to be a full 200 pages or more novel.
I found some humor and a good intensity flow in the story. But the end was a bit rushed and somethings a bit unbelievable.

sex heat 5 stars
Wow, what a fantasy! What a man, I totally loved all the scenes. T.C. Lee used very good fantasy like ideas: dark alleys, bars, restaurant, wow! Needed a cold shower!

credibility/originality 3.5 stars
I found some parts hard to believe. I mean, who is that trusting? I don't know. Also, the cop broke the rules and nothing happens? Normally he wouldn't be on the case.
The heat and the fantasy made up for me for those unbelievable parts.
Originality? The author got a big fantasy-cliché, but she did it in a great fashion. It worked for me.

editing 4 stars
Only a few minors mistakes, pretty easy to read and understand.

impressions and opinion

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Review: Stranded Temptation

Stranded Temptation
Stranded Temptation by April Angel

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

4.5 starserotica, contemporary, novella
I'm raising it, because of my adding it felt like a 4.75. :)

cover 3.5 stars
I can't explain why, but I don't love it. I guess I don't like the couple. lol
But being fair I like the colors and how it brings the island-tropical-vibe.
I could definitely see this was an erotica book, just not my favorite cover.

characters 4 stars
Kara- she was a good female character. I don't agree that Max was the horrible boss, because she allowed him to do all that with her. Nothing like an-almost-death for you to decide to grab life in your own hands and live it to the fullest. I give her credit for doing that!

Max- I like him. He was severe boss, but only because they let him do that. He was fair! He was hot as hell and when it really mattered he was not afraid of showing his weakness.
I totally related, connected and understood them!

plot 4.5 stars
I like the island and I loved how they made good use of it. lol
It was a fast easy read that kept me guessing and wanting more.
It was so so so hot and I was always in need of a cold shower. Really! For that alone, Ms. Angel deserve a 5. :)
The intensity level was perfect, when it got the the middle of the book and I was thinking "oh, the hero already got his princess, now what?" The author threw some hard balls in their path.
Really good and have I say this was really HOT?
The ending was bit too much TLC for me, but I understood why was it there. Bringing the island back? That was genius!

sex heat 5 stars
OMG.... this is a hot rides people!

credibility/originality 4 stars
I relate to this story and it was believable for me. The author was smart explaining about the accidents and it made sense.
I was not an 100% original idea (the boss love thing) but I saw some freshness to it all.

editing 5 stars
The author use a good editing team and I don't recall any mistakes at the moment.
It made a very enjoyable read.

impression and opinion
Oh April, now I have to read all your other books. Will I need buckets of ice in all of them?

I'm looking forward of seeing more from this author!

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Review: Make Her Howl

Make Her Howl
Make Her Howl by Michelle Fox

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 stars PNR, werewolves, erotica

cover 5 stars
I totally love this cover. It's hot and straight to the point. I know what this book is about by looking at it and I would grab this one at any bookstore.
Hot couple + wolf = WOW!

characters 4.5 stars
Chloe - I like her. She has been an outcast her whole life, but she has always kept on going and now she is ready to move on. She may be feeling sorry for herself, but she is not begging for scrap.

Jackson - He is hot! At the same time, sleeping with the whole town is not the way of getting your mate. Oh Jackson... bad bad bad wolf. But I guess I would let him make me howl also!

plot 3.5 stars
Here usually lies my problems with short stories. They are appetizers, not the whole meal and I'm usually a glutton.
I can see promise in this, if the author will make into a series. It's a fun, sweet, hot story.
The world built was interesting, but not enough info for me to totally imagine it.
It was a fast easy read, that had me guessing what was next and it left me with "I want more!"
It had humor,heat and the author built the intensity nicely.

sex heat 4 stars
Great scenes! At the beginning I was a bit thrown by the wolves get in the middle of the heat, but after I got used to it, it was great.
The scene at the forest was HOT HOT HOT!
The author used great descriptions and some new stuff.

originality/credibility4 stars
This is PNR, so inside of the supernatural world this was very believable and easy to relate.
I found the author's werewolves world fresh, knew a bit different!

editing 4 stars
A few mistakes come to my mind, but nothing that bother my reading flow. Good!

Impressions and opinion
Chloe was very easy to relate and connect. Who has never felt this way? A whole life like this, shows great strength of character.
I wish it was longer! I want more!

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Review: Because I Am Yours

Because I Am Yours
Because I Am Yours by Beth Kery

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3.5 stars Series, short-story, erotica, bdsm


Francesca is an artist that has just won a competition to paint for billionaire Ian Noble. She doesn't feel comfortable with herself and this world that she has to participate in order to get her prizes and her attraction to Ian doesn't help her.
Ian Noble knows he wants Francesca, but he also knows he is not good for her. So he tries to avoid the inevitable, but he is not strong enough.
Through out these eight short-stories they learn about each other, they embrace their personalities and Francesca learns that she may find what has been missing in submission.
Ian doesn't believe in forever and Francesca is afraid of today... will they be able to find their path and meet in the middle?

covers 4 stars
All eight covers are simple and elegant. I can see the luxury world that will be presented and I enjoy the simplicity of it, but I miss a few little hints that would tell the reader that he will enter into a BDSM journey.
My favorite cover of the eight was #4: I like the key at the closed door. I could connect the couple with it and also the "punishment room".

plot 3.5 stars
The author created a world of luxury with airplanes that carry cars in it. :) Very rich, but nothing really new.
It was an easy read for me and it was pretty easy to understand where this was going. It didn't really kept me guessing because I believe I already knew what was his big London secret, but I finish one book and grab the next right after, because I was interest and wanted to see it to the end.
Their was some humor in it and the intensity flow of the book grew nicely from the first until the last. The author took her time to built it.
It was a hot read, but I wish for a better ending.
characters3 stars
Francesca - she was ok, but I didn't fall in love with her. Sometimes I sort of liked her and other I believed her immaturity was a bit painful. I could not relate to her stubbornness of entering this billionaire's world looking like a peasant.
Ian - he was good male character. I really enjoy some of his moments of finding the child in him. His stands and doubts were easier to relate and connect IMO.

sex heat 5 stars
The sex was really really good. I saw some original scenes, the author used great description and it was steamy hot.

credibility/originality 3 stars
The story was believable, but it was not original. It's something I've read many times before, but I will keep reading many times to come, because I like this read!

editing 4 stars
Even though there were 8 very short-stories I didn't find many mistakes and believe that did a good job with it.

impressions and opinion
So many people said this was a lot like the Fifty shade's series and I have to say, IMO, this was better.
I had fun reading it! It was fast and hot! Something to read inside the bus or the train or in your lunch hour.

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