Thursday, March 7, 2013

Review: Make Her Howl

Make Her Howl
Make Her Howl by Michelle Fox

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 stars PNR, werewolves, erotica

cover 5 stars
I totally love this cover. It's hot and straight to the point. I know what this book is about by looking at it and I would grab this one at any bookstore.
Hot couple + wolf = WOW!

characters 4.5 stars
Chloe - I like her. She has been an outcast her whole life, but she has always kept on going and now she is ready to move on. She may be feeling sorry for herself, but she is not begging for scrap.

Jackson - He is hot! At the same time, sleeping with the whole town is not the way of getting your mate. Oh Jackson... bad bad bad wolf. But I guess I would let him make me howl also!

plot 3.5 stars
Here usually lies my problems with short stories. They are appetizers, not the whole meal and I'm usually a glutton.
I can see promise in this, if the author will make into a series. It's a fun, sweet, hot story.
The world built was interesting, but not enough info for me to totally imagine it.
It was a fast easy read, that had me guessing what was next and it left me with "I want more!"
It had humor,heat and the author built the intensity nicely.

sex heat 4 stars
Great scenes! At the beginning I was a bit thrown by the wolves get in the middle of the heat, but after I got used to it, it was great.
The scene at the forest was HOT HOT HOT!
The author used great descriptions and some new stuff.

originality/credibility4 stars
This is PNR, so inside of the supernatural world this was very believable and easy to relate.
I found the author's werewolves world fresh, knew a bit different!

editing 4 stars
A few mistakes come to my mind, but nothing that bother my reading flow. Good!

Impressions and opinion
Chloe was very easy to relate and connect. Who has never felt this way? A whole life like this, shows great strength of character.
I wish it was longer! I want more!

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