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Review: Assume the Position

Assume The PositionAssume The Position by T.C. Lee

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 stars erotica, light-bdsm, man-in-uniform


Regan Taylor is a lonely woman with only one friend. So, when her friend keep asking her to go into the most awful double-date in history, she can't say no.
She was late for a horrible date when she got pulled over by the hottest cop she has ever seen. He offers her the wildest hottest night of her life.
With Officer Alex Shaw, she learns that her sexual life has always been a failure because she need more than the vanilla world can offer her. She needs to be dominated. Can she find this with anyone else?

Officer/Detective Alex Shaw has some ghosts from the past and can't get out of the one-night-stand-type of date cycle, until he meets Regan that may change this. But, is he able to open up or will his ghost always be in the way?

Fate decides to get them together, but can they get through all their hurdles to be together?

cover 4.5 stars
I love a good cover that tells me exactly what I will be reading about.
With this cover, I can see the BDSM connection, I can see the man-in-uniform theme and I can feel this will be a hot one.
I took half a star because I wished he had a better buttock. I didn't like the pants. lol

characters 5 stars
Regan Taylor - I don't usually love the very innocent heroine, but Regan had spunk when needed. :) So, she grew in me.

Officer/Detective Alex Shaw - What red blooded person has never fantasy about being "manhandled" by a hot, dark and dangerous cop? Oh, maybe it's just me! lol
But Alex is HOT HOT HOT!

plot3.5 stars
World built was great. Dark alleys, abandoned places, beds with sturdy headboards. Really good!
This was a very easy read that keep me going and going and going.
A bit predictable, but I liked the twist of their second meeting. :)
I wanted more, I would have love for this to be a full 200 pages or more novel.
I found some humor and a good intensity flow in the story. But the end was a bit rushed and somethings a bit unbelievable.

sex heat 5 stars
Wow, what a fantasy! What a man, I totally loved all the scenes. T.C. Lee used very good fantasy like ideas: dark alleys, bars, restaurant, wow! Needed a cold shower!

credibility/originality 3.5 stars
I found some parts hard to believe. I mean, who is that trusting? I don't know. Also, the cop broke the rules and nothing happens? Normally he wouldn't be on the case.
The heat and the fantasy made up for me for those unbelievable parts.
Originality? The author got a big fantasy-cliché, but she did it in a great fashion. It worked for me.

editing 4 stars
Only a few minors mistakes, pretty easy to read and understand.

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