Thursday, March 7, 2013

Review: Stranded Temptation

Stranded Temptation
Stranded Temptation by April Angel

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

4.5 starserotica, contemporary, novella
I'm raising it, because of my adding it felt like a 4.75. :)

cover 3.5 stars
I can't explain why, but I don't love it. I guess I don't like the couple. lol
But being fair I like the colors and how it brings the island-tropical-vibe.
I could definitely see this was an erotica book, just not my favorite cover.

characters 4 stars
Kara- she was a good female character. I don't agree that Max was the horrible boss, because she allowed him to do all that with her. Nothing like an-almost-death for you to decide to grab life in your own hands and live it to the fullest. I give her credit for doing that!

Max- I like him. He was severe boss, but only because they let him do that. He was fair! He was hot as hell and when it really mattered he was not afraid of showing his weakness.
I totally related, connected and understood them!

plot 4.5 stars
I like the island and I loved how they made good use of it. lol
It was a fast easy read that kept me guessing and wanting more.
It was so so so hot and I was always in need of a cold shower. Really! For that alone, Ms. Angel deserve a 5. :)
The intensity level was perfect, when it got the the middle of the book and I was thinking "oh, the hero already got his princess, now what?" The author threw some hard balls in their path.
Really good and have I say this was really HOT?
The ending was bit too much TLC for me, but I understood why was it there. Bringing the island back? That was genius!

sex heat 5 stars
OMG.... this is a hot rides people!

credibility/originality 4 stars
I relate to this story and it was believable for me. The author was smart explaining about the accidents and it made sense.
I was not an 100% original idea (the boss love thing) but I saw some freshness to it all.

editing 5 stars
The author use a good editing team and I don't recall any mistakes at the moment.
It made a very enjoyable read.

impression and opinion
Oh April, now I have to read all your other books. Will I need buckets of ice in all of them?

I'm looking forward of seeing more from this author!

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