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Review: Uprising

Uprising (Fires of Providence, #1)Uprising by Dawn Jayne

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4.5 stars PNR, adult fantasy, angels, dark angels, fallen angels, series, Lucifer

Devilish Comments

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It took me a while to post my review. Usually a book don't let me confused and dazed, this one did. So, I had to think about and settle my feelings. :)
I won't post a summary, because that would be hard for me to do it.

Cover 4 stars
It's a catching cover.
I always look for the theme of the book at the covers.
With this one, I can see is going to be about angels, maybe a gray/dark part of the world.
I just think that it maybe a bit YA the cover which could be misleading.

characters 5 stars
Tyre- he was my favorite. He was the kind of character that I love. A badass, with a huge ego and some attitude that usually hide some deep feeling inside, maybe part of the trials of life.
With Tyre starts my dazed feelings with the book.
I got stuck on him and it was hard for to grasp the concept of the path the author took with his character. Shocking!

Dominik - He is really the opposite of Tyre and i usually don't go for "perfection". So, I did struggle until the end with him, but I definitely so the growth of his character along the way. His twist was better taken than Tyre.

Rise - I love her. I love a dark heroine. She is not perfect, she screw up a lot, she is human even when she is not. :)

This is a totally multidimensional book, and there are several secondary characters that were quite interesting.
I did relate, connect and understood Ms. Jayne's characters.

plot 4.5 stars
I usually look for 5 main things here:
The world built by the author was amazing. On the surface it seems shallow, but as the book went on it got deeper and more creative with several twists along the way. Great work! (world built)

The story was not easy to follow IMO, and I disagree with some of the authors choices right at the beginning, so this was also a hindrance for me. (easy to follow)

Even when I got mad at this book, I was always intrigued and was always expecting the unexpected. The was not a moment that I didn't feel like guessing what was next. Full of twists!(keep me guessing)

I've ended this book wanting more! This I believe separates the good books from the great ones. :) (wanting more)

This book start in a slow pace, a bit shallow and it grew in intensity along the way. When I got to the climax, I had this pressure built inside me, this anguish, this feeling of doubt, of shock. Wow! I love to feel! (intensity)

credibility/originality4 stars
This is PNR, so inside of this fantastic world the author made I believe in it.
I have one tiny thing to point out: I think Rise adopt father was thrown away to easily and I believe that Shay story was left hanging.
Was it original? One of the most original reads I've ever seen. Wow!

impressions and opinion
I cannot rate it 5 stars and say this was outstanding because I don't agree with all the choices the author made. lol I know, I'm like a dog with a bone... can't let go!

Even with Tyre's twist at the end, I cannot see why the author would "waste" so much character potential this way.
Personally, I don't like what Tyre have become.

Was it better than great? Yep! It was.
Will I keep reading the series? YES!
Am I looking forward? Definitely!

I recommend for anyone that enjoys a great fantasy world.

Usually I read romance... the romance in this novel was very far away, but is so so so good, that I didn't miss it for more than 2 minutes.

"Angels aid us in our personal mission. We have to learn to listen, for if we block the angels out, they become only the fairy beings of dreams and pleasant stories." - Silver Ravenwolf

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Review: Assume the Position

Assume The PositionAssume The Position by T.C. Lee

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 stars erotica, light-bdsm, man-in-uniform


Regan Taylor is a lonely woman with only one friend. So, when her friend keep asking her to go into the most awful double-date in history, she can't say no.
She was late for a horrible date when she got pulled over by the hottest cop she has ever seen. He offers her the wildest hottest night of her life.
With Officer Alex Shaw, she learns that her sexual life has always been a failure because she need more than the vanilla world can offer her. She needs to be dominated. Can she find this with anyone else?

Officer/Detective Alex Shaw has some ghosts from the past and can't get out of the one-night-stand-type of date cycle, until he meets Regan that may change this. But, is he able to open up or will his ghost always be in the way?

Fate decides to get them together, but can they get through all their hurdles to be together?

cover 4.5 stars
I love a good cover that tells me exactly what I will be reading about.
With this cover, I can see the BDSM connection, I can see the man-in-uniform theme and I can feel this will be a hot one.
I took half a star because I wished he had a better buttock. I didn't like the pants. lol

characters 5 stars
Regan Taylor - I don't usually love the very innocent heroine, but Regan had spunk when needed. :) So, she grew in me.

Officer/Detective Alex Shaw - What red blooded person has never fantasy about being "manhandled" by a hot, dark and dangerous cop? Oh, maybe it's just me! lol
But Alex is HOT HOT HOT!

plot3.5 stars
World built was great. Dark alleys, abandoned places, beds with sturdy headboards. Really good!
This was a very easy read that keep me going and going and going.
A bit predictable, but I liked the twist of their second meeting. :)
I wanted more, I would have love for this to be a full 200 pages or more novel.
I found some humor and a good intensity flow in the story. But the end was a bit rushed and somethings a bit unbelievable.

sex heat 5 stars
Wow, what a fantasy! What a man, I totally loved all the scenes. T.C. Lee used very good fantasy like ideas: dark alleys, bars, restaurant, wow! Needed a cold shower!

credibility/originality 3.5 stars
I found some parts hard to believe. I mean, who is that trusting? I don't know. Also, the cop broke the rules and nothing happens? Normally he wouldn't be on the case.
The heat and the fantasy made up for me for those unbelievable parts.
Originality? The author got a big fantasy-cliché, but she did it in a great fashion. It worked for me.

editing 4 stars
Only a few minors mistakes, pretty easy to read and understand.

impressions and opinion

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Review: Stranded Temptation

Stranded Temptation
Stranded Temptation by April Angel

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

4.5 starserotica, contemporary, novella
I'm raising it, because of my adding it felt like a 4.75. :)

cover 3.5 stars
I can't explain why, but I don't love it. I guess I don't like the couple. lol
But being fair I like the colors and how it brings the island-tropical-vibe.
I could definitely see this was an erotica book, just not my favorite cover.

characters 4 stars
Kara- she was a good female character. I don't agree that Max was the horrible boss, because she allowed him to do all that with her. Nothing like an-almost-death for you to decide to grab life in your own hands and live it to the fullest. I give her credit for doing that!

Max- I like him. He was severe boss, but only because they let him do that. He was fair! He was hot as hell and when it really mattered he was not afraid of showing his weakness.
I totally related, connected and understood them!

plot 4.5 stars
I like the island and I loved how they made good use of it. lol
It was a fast easy read that kept me guessing and wanting more.
It was so so so hot and I was always in need of a cold shower. Really! For that alone, Ms. Angel deserve a 5. :)
The intensity level was perfect, when it got the the middle of the book and I was thinking "oh, the hero already got his princess, now what?" The author threw some hard balls in their path.
Really good and have I say this was really HOT?
The ending was bit too much TLC for me, but I understood why was it there. Bringing the island back? That was genius!

sex heat 5 stars
OMG.... this is a hot rides people!

credibility/originality 4 stars
I relate to this story and it was believable for me. The author was smart explaining about the accidents and it made sense.
I was not an 100% original idea (the boss love thing) but I saw some freshness to it all.

editing 5 stars
The author use a good editing team and I don't recall any mistakes at the moment.
It made a very enjoyable read.

impression and opinion
Oh April, now I have to read all your other books. Will I need buckets of ice in all of them?

I'm looking forward of seeing more from this author!

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Review: Make Her Howl

Make Her Howl
Make Her Howl by Michelle Fox

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 stars PNR, werewolves, erotica

cover 5 stars
I totally love this cover. It's hot and straight to the point. I know what this book is about by looking at it and I would grab this one at any bookstore.
Hot couple + wolf = WOW!

characters 4.5 stars
Chloe - I like her. She has been an outcast her whole life, but she has always kept on going and now she is ready to move on. She may be feeling sorry for herself, but she is not begging for scrap.

Jackson - He is hot! At the same time, sleeping with the whole town is not the way of getting your mate. Oh Jackson... bad bad bad wolf. But I guess I would let him make me howl also!

plot 3.5 stars
Here usually lies my problems with short stories. They are appetizers, not the whole meal and I'm usually a glutton.
I can see promise in this, if the author will make into a series. It's a fun, sweet, hot story.
The world built was interesting, but not enough info for me to totally imagine it.
It was a fast easy read, that had me guessing what was next and it left me with "I want more!"
It had humor,heat and the author built the intensity nicely.

sex heat 4 stars
Great scenes! At the beginning I was a bit thrown by the wolves get in the middle of the heat, but after I got used to it, it was great.
The scene at the forest was HOT HOT HOT!
The author used great descriptions and some new stuff.

originality/credibility4 stars
This is PNR, so inside of the supernatural world this was very believable and easy to relate.
I found the author's werewolves world fresh, knew a bit different!

editing 4 stars
A few mistakes come to my mind, but nothing that bother my reading flow. Good!

Impressions and opinion
Chloe was very easy to relate and connect. Who has never felt this way? A whole life like this, shows great strength of character.
I wish it was longer! I want more!

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Review: Because I Am Yours

Because I Am Yours
Because I Am Yours by Beth Kery

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3.5 stars Series, short-story, erotica, bdsm


Francesca is an artist that has just won a competition to paint for billionaire Ian Noble. She doesn't feel comfortable with herself and this world that she has to participate in order to get her prizes and her attraction to Ian doesn't help her.
Ian Noble knows he wants Francesca, but he also knows he is not good for her. So he tries to avoid the inevitable, but he is not strong enough.
Through out these eight short-stories they learn about each other, they embrace their personalities and Francesca learns that she may find what has been missing in submission.
Ian doesn't believe in forever and Francesca is afraid of today... will they be able to find their path and meet in the middle?

covers 4 stars
All eight covers are simple and elegant. I can see the luxury world that will be presented and I enjoy the simplicity of it, but I miss a few little hints that would tell the reader that he will enter into a BDSM journey.
My favorite cover of the eight was #4: I like the key at the closed door. I could connect the couple with it and also the "punishment room".

plot 3.5 stars
The author created a world of luxury with airplanes that carry cars in it. :) Very rich, but nothing really new.
It was an easy read for me and it was pretty easy to understand where this was going. It didn't really kept me guessing because I believe I already knew what was his big London secret, but I finish one book and grab the next right after, because I was interest and wanted to see it to the end.
Their was some humor in it and the intensity flow of the book grew nicely from the first until the last. The author took her time to built it.
It was a hot read, but I wish for a better ending.
characters3 stars
Francesca - she was ok, but I didn't fall in love with her. Sometimes I sort of liked her and other I believed her immaturity was a bit painful. I could not relate to her stubbornness of entering this billionaire's world looking like a peasant.
Ian - he was good male character. I really enjoy some of his moments of finding the child in him. His stands and doubts were easier to relate and connect IMO.

sex heat 5 stars
The sex was really really good. I saw some original scenes, the author used great description and it was steamy hot.

credibility/originality 3 stars
The story was believable, but it was not original. It's something I've read many times before, but I will keep reading many times to come, because I like this read!

editing 4 stars
Even though there were 8 very short-stories I didn't find many mistakes and believe that did a good job with it.

impressions and opinion
So many people said this was a lot like the Fifty shade's series and I have to say, IMO, this was better.
I had fun reading it! It was fast and hot! Something to read inside the bus or the train or in your lunch hour.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Review: Brotherhood of Fire

Brotherhood of Fire
Brotherhood of Fire by Elizabeth Moore

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 stars Menage, series, contemporary, erotica

cover 5 stars
I really love it. It's hot! Really with double meaning. We can see that's going to be a menage and we also can see that's going to be some firefighters. :)

characters 5 stars
Garrett - Tall dark and dangerous! A bit wild, a risk taker, impulsive and intense! What's not to like?
John - Also tall, dark and dangerous! He has a sweet nature, calmer, emotional, thinker.
Really they both complement each other like a puzzle.
Carrie - I believe she is the star in this story. She is the best character. What a great heroine. She mix well emotions with rationalizations.
I've totally related, connected and understood the characters. I felt their emotions and suffered with them.

plot 4 stars
It was a good plot. What I like the best, was that it felt more real than most menage stories that are out there.
The author showed real struggles and conflicted emotions that maybe a real "menage" relationship must go through.
It was easy to follow and I was hooked from the beginning. I was always wanting to know "what's next" and the intensity of it was really good.
I just didn't enjoyed the end so much. It was a bit predictable.

sex heat 5 stars
This was hot hot hot! Take cold shower hot! Fan yourself hot!
The scenes were very descriptive and it had some originality to it.

credibility 4 stars
I believe this was the most credible "menage story" I've read.
Their struggles were very believable and we could see that maybe that's how it must happen in real life.

originality 5 stars
It was totally new. I've never read a menage within firefighters before and I've never read a menage that explore an already married couple's relationship adding another male into the mix.

editing 3 stars
It was fair. I found many little mistakes in my book. Nothing major that would make me stop reading it, but I believe if the author can update it to a next version it would be beneficial to the readers.

impressions and opinion
This was the most believable menage book I've read. Because, it started with a married couple, that didn't weight in the consequences of adding a third into the mix.
Personally, being married for so long, I was internally bother by how the husband introduce this into their relationship. But this is me personally, this has nothing to do with the book itself.
I've point out this, because I believe that the best books leave a mark within the reader. It bothers the reader somehow.
That's exactly how I felt.

I will certainly continue with the series and I'm really looking forward for what else the author has to add into this.

Amazing book!

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Review: Dillon's Gift

Dillon's Gift
Dillon's Gift by A.J. Hawthorn

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

2.5 stars Romance - Contemporary - Christmas - novella
I'm raising the rate to three, because of the wonderful cover.
cover 5 stars
It's a beautiful cover. I can see recognize the genre through the couple and the Christmas theme with the gift. The gold color makes it special.

characters 2.5 stars
Heroine: I didn't like her. I neither related nor connected with her and after that I struggle to understand her. She would be a 2 star IMO.
Hero: He was hot and kind, too sweet for me, but he was an ok hero. 3 stars for him
other characters: not enough to make it much better.

plot 2 stars
It was an easy story to follow, but it did not grabbed me.I didn't ending it wanting more. I found a bit of humor in it, but not a lot of intensity.
I'm not saying that it was a terrible story, but it was too vanilla for me. Too much TLC and not enough conflict that held me.

sex heat 2 stars
It was not original, not descriptive and very vanilla. But it did have some sex scenes.

credibility 3 stars
It was believable, even though I couldn't relate with it.

Originality 2 stars
Just average. It wasn't something new. I've seen this type of romance many times before.

Impressions and personal opinion
Lately for me to enjoy a very vanilla romance it has to have something extra. A very good plot, a very appealing story to held my attention.
I'm in a mood that too much TLC with not enough things going on with the characters, doesn't hold me for too long.
I wished for multidimensional characters, so I could relate to them.

I would recommend this book for those that enjoy vanilla romance with Christmas theme.

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Review: Significance

Significance by Shelly Crane

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 stars. YA - PNR

I've read the book and I've really enjoyed it. I told my 14 year old daughter to read and I'm posting her review instead of mine.

Significance by Shelly Crane is a very captivating and entrancing book. Maggie and Caleb are soul mates who are struggling with, but at the same time enchanted with their new, intense relationship. At first, I thought that their intensity would eventually get suffocating. The fact that they were so in tune with each other was adorable, but their frantic need to be together or face extreme circumstances was initially confounding. "I woke up again some time later with the worse headache of my life. I felt nauseas as my back was locked in spasms. My legs cramped (…) I needed him." (Crane 268) However, as the book progressed, I got really caught up in their sweet love story. Caleb is kind, patient, thoughtful, and extremely protective over Maggie. Maggie is a strong-headed character whom I admire. It was really nice to see her connection with her father grow throughout the book. Overall, I truly enjoyed the book. I really look forward for the rest of this unique series.

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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Review: Come To Me

Come To Me
Come To Me by Sofia Grey

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4.5 stars Erotic romance, PNR, ghosts

Since this is a short story, I will skip summary because my reviews already explains a lot of the book.

cover art 4 stars
I really like the cover. I even can see a few scenes from the book in that cover. If it had any touch of a cowboy, maybe a hat or instead of silk ribbon a rope it would have been perfect. :)
I would buy this book in a store just by looking at it. I would know it would be a sex read.

Characters 5 stars
Summer - she was a great heroine. First I really enjoy both her jobs. Second, she was a woman that didn't hide away from fear or pain and went after what she didn't even know existed. :)
Jake - What's not to like in a hot cowboy with that sweet accent and a dominating attitude? Jake was perfect!
I did relate, connect and understood the characters. Even though this was a short-story it never felt to me, like I was missing anything. I met the characters and I learn it all about them.

plot 5 stars
Fast, fun, hot read.
It was a great plot. Very well explained in such a short story. I don't think I'm missed any details.
The book keep me guessing "what's next" and I loved how the intensity grew into the story.

sex heat 4 stars
A short story with several great scenes. Wow, that cowboy was hot!
A few great descriptions of scenes and some originality also.

credibility/originality 4 stars
You must understand this is PNR, so not everything is very explainable. Still, she usually encounter spirits of dead people, but she found the spirit of her soul mate. Hard to believe! It worked for me though. :)
Very original! Nothing I've read before and something I would love to read more.

editing 5 stars
Excellent job! I don't remember any typo problems. I usually find them more often in short stories, and this one was spotless.

Impressions and opinion
I'm usually a hard-sale on very short-stories. I love details, emotions, to feel connected with the characters and usually this is tough to do in short-stories.
Sofia did it wonderfully. I believe I've learned everything I needed from both characters and I understood their world perfectly.
Well done!

I'm really looking forward for what's next Sofia! :)

I recommend this book for any romantic soul out there!

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Monday, February 4, 2013

Book Tour: Finding Abigail - Book Blitz Tour

Book Blitz Tour
Finding Abigail 

Tyler Cooper is the town sheriff and, in the past, had been the only person keeping Holiday steady. Though the community is now finding out that it’s town is magical, Tyler has always known it—it’s in his blood.  He has always known his fate of becoming a cupid, striking love into the hearts others, but an enemy from his past is set on keeping him from finding his own destiny—and love.
Abigail Clarke is leaving Holiday for good. She has to. After years of trying to fit in and make Tyler notice her, she’s giving up. She’s watched her friends fall in love and it’s heartbreaking. Acknowledging that the one man she’s always loved doesn’t want her, it’s time to move on and find her own future.
Right when the stars align and Tyler opens his eyes, his enemy is back and has his sights on Abigail. Abigail is in danger and Tyler may be the only one to stand up to him and save her.

Warning: Contains one sexy sheriff who turns into cupid, complete with bow and arrow, the sweetest teacher you’ll ever meet who needs to find her bad girl side, and a love of candy hearts that’s sure to bring them together

Order Links: 

A little about Carrie Ann:
Carrie Ann Ryan is a bestselling paranormal and contemporary romance author. After spending too much time behind a lab bench, she decided to dive into the romance world and find her werewolf mate - even if it’s just in her books. Happy endings are always near - even if you have to get over the challenges of falling in love first.
Carrie Ann’s Redwood Pack series is an bestselling series that has made the shifter world even more real to her and has allowed the Dante’s Circle and Holiday, Montana series to be born. She's also an avid reader and lover of romance and fiction novels. She loves meeting new authors and new worlds. Any recommendations you have are appreciated. Carrie Ann lives in New England with her husband and two kittens.
Carrie Ann loves hearing from readers. You can find her at:

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Review: Satin & Oak

Satin & Oak
Satin & Oak by Xavier Edwards

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Romance - light Erotica - Christmas

This book is really short, so I'm not sure how to review it. I will try to follow my standard guideline, but I won't write a summary. :)

Cover art 3 stars
I would not buy this book in a bookstore just looking at it's cover, but I would know it was about Christmas.

characters 3 stars
Both characters were good, even though I prefer Gerome.
I did not have time to connect or relate with them, but I did understand what their problems were.

plot 3 stars
I believe the plot a bit confusing. Since this was a very short book, the author didn't have the time to explain the "world built" in depth and I started thinking this was a historical short-story, but some parts mentioned made me think that it was contemporary.
If I left the time period aside, the story was easy to follow and it had a good flow. The intensity in the book could not be measured, because it was really short, but I did kept trying to guess what would come next.

sex heat 3 stars
I did see this book more as a romance, than an erotica tale. The few scenes mentioned had good descriptions, but they were not hot enough to be considered erotica IMO. I believe the self-made toy was very original. I enjoyed the idea. :)

credibility/originality 3 stars
I did not relate to the story, but I think setting aside the time period confusion it was believable. I really could see this happening to a family and a small village. It was not very original, but it was very sweet. :)

editing 5 stars
I usually see many typo and editing mistakes in these really short stories. Here, Xavier and his team were spotless. I thank him for that. I guess, since this was release at GR and for free, he could have gone the sloppy way. He didn't and the job was excellent done.

Impressions and opinion
This is the second sweet romance I read from Xavier. I believe I've found out that he is a romantic at heart.
In this book, his romantic side shone and the erotica was a bit forgotten.
Me, I love a good romance and I doesn't always need to be an erotic romance.

I recommend this: sit by the fire, curl up in a chair, drink something hot and read this romantic tale... you will feel a bit of Christmas Magic.

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Review: The Auction

The AuctionThe Auction by Kitty Thomas

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3.5 stars PNR - aliens - BDSM - D/s - dubious-consent - dark-erotica - short-story

"The man who fights too long against dragons becomes a dragon himself." - Friedrich Nietzsche

Since this is a very short story, I won't write a summary.

Cover art 4 stars
It's a beautiful, elegant cover, but I try to look at a few things in my covers and I could not find the theme in this one.
This would be a cover that would drawn my eyes in a bookstore. I would be certain that it was erotica. But I wouldn't be able to see that it was dark-erotica with PNR involved.
It reminds me of a renascence painting.

Characters 4 stars
Annabelle - I really liked her. She was a great heroine. Her strength helped her out through her situation and she used to see inside to find her true-self. She went into stages, of fear, rage, acceptance until love.

Master - I liked the creature, sort of dragon. Master was hot! Dominant, possessive, protector at the same time rigid. He was the sort of Dom that I like to read about.

Secondary characters - I see how Sir couldn't be as dominant as master and he was the perfect balance to counteract with Master's rigid nature. Lily, I can't say much about her.

So, why I didn't give them 5 stars? Because I never connect or relate with them. I did understand them though.

Plot 3 stars
This is one of those books that it could have been much better if it was a full novel. I was until the end of the book hoping that I would see something like "Read Sir and Lily's story in the next book".
So, the plot was ok for, but it lacked something which made me unable to truly connect with the characters.
The story was easy to follow and the story flow was great. A really fast read!
I believe it lacked intensity since the author did not have time to give us more details, to make us readers feel the characters.
It did not kept me guessing "what's next", but I did ended up wanting more. I hope the author continues with this story.

sex heat 3.5 stars
It was good. It offered variety, M/F, M/F/M, M/F/F, but it was a bit rushed and not very descriptive. At the same time when it ended it felt like it was only sex, since there was not much of characters and plot building.
It was original, with a few great scenes.

Credibility/Originality 5 stars
This is a PNR book, so it should be believable for what it stands, and this book was. I really enjoyed the author's veiled comparison to woman's role through out the history.
It was a very original book, that left me with the idea that I haven't really read this before. New idea that should be explore further!

editing 4 stars
This is a short book, but it was well written and I only remember one typo mistake. Great job!

Impressions and Opinion
When I start to write my review, I still wasn't sure what to rate the book. Now, I'm sort of adding up my rating for each category, so I can come up with my overall rating.

I can't say exactly what was missing, but for me personally, something was. I believe with a longer book, I would have connected with such a great heroine that was Annabelle.

I didn't feel it was non-con at all. The woman of the society represented in the book were raised for slavery and the female character was animalistic attracted by the male from the get go.

I'm not certain if I've grown used to dark-erotica, but this book didn't feel dark for me.
It was still a good, fast, fun short read and I would it recommend it those that like erotica with a bit of spice.

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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Review: Arouse

Arouse by Nina Lane

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 stars light erotica, romance, family, series, emotion roller coaster

"Someone once said, "Communication is to love as blood is to the body." Take the blood out of the body and it dies. Take communication away and a relationship dies."
by Louis McBurney, M.D.

Summary Really a short one, just basic facts.
Arouse takes the reader into a journey through a couples life. From the moment they've met until their 5th year together, you will see the couple day-to-day life.
This book shows how a "perfect couple" that has a "perfect relationship" can destroy almost everything by a simple error in judgement.
It's a really emotional roller coaster!
Will love be enough, or better yet, is love enough? You must read this to find out!

Cover: 4.5

Really great cover. It's beautiful, elegant and classy! I would buy this book in a bookstore by it's cover because I would know it's an erotic read. I'm not certain I could really see it's a romance and that's why I decided to take .5 a star of the rating.

characters: 5 stars
Olivia: A perfect heroine, because she wasn't perfect at all. In fact Olivia is a woman like us all. With some flaws, doubts, insecurities, but strong enough to see when something is good enough and worth fighting for.
I related with her several times along the book, even though I've been married much longer, I've felt some doubts like her.
I connected with her through the book, I felt her angst and her love.
I understood where her insecurities were coming from, even though my life experience is totally different than hers, I felt her deep inside.
A character that I can relate, connectt and understand... is the perfect character for me.

Dean: A hottie professor. Who haven't once lust after a teacher or professor?
Dean was the wonderful professor, the greatest boyfriend, the perfect husband... until he showed he was not a super-hero, but just a human with flaws. And those flaws made him PERFECT! Really, who doesn't want a naughty professor to call it's own?

Plot: 5 stars
Nina's books are heavy on intensity and emotion. Really, Nina bares your soul and purge your fears and offers you redemption while you read her books.
I literally cried with this one!
The story is easy to follow from the first chapter and it kept me awake through the night trying to finish the book on my second time reading it!
I have just read this book at the end of last year, but I was still wanting more in this second-time-read.
Amazing! Heartbreaking and enchanting at the same time!

sex heat: 5 stars
This book is not about the sex, but all the sex scenes are hot, heavy and necessary for the flow of the story. Really! The author did an amazing job with the heat in this book.

originality: 5 stars
Is it new to talk about marriage and how it may crumble or how a couple can mend? No. But Nina has a way of giving a book the feeling of unexpected. There is something different in the way she tells a story. She usually goes through the longer road, to reach the end, but she makes the journey worth the time.
There is something refreshing in the way Nina decided to write this book. Almost each chapter is a different day, and some starts with the female POV others with the male POV. Really interesting!

editing:5 stars
I think because she has done this job before, she has a really capable team that helps her to keep her writing very rich.
Excellent job here!

Impressions, opinion
This book broke me and mend me back. It made me cry and laugh! I've possibly felt all the emotions possible in these hours that I spent reading it.
I ended this book and went to sleep still thinking of probabilities, of what ifs, of being thankful for my own journey with my husband.
This book has touched me! For that alone, I could have not rated any less.

I ended the book wanting more and thankful that soon we will have book 2. I still wished that Nina hadn't left me hanging so much as she did at the end.
But this was not enough to take any part of a star away from my review.

Communication is the key to this book IMO!

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Review: The Erotic Dark

The Erotic Dark
The Erotic Dark by Nina Lane

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 stars Dark erotica, BDSM, Domestic Discipline, Humiliation, Dubious Consent


Jane was a bad girl that needed to disappear before she was arrested. She ask for help from an old neighborhood friend, that offers her help with a price attached.

Jane becomes Lydia, a plaything/slave for this three totally different man.

Lydia finds in each man something different, but within the triad and her new place, everything she was looking for but didn't know.

Cover 5 stars
A truly beautiful cover. I love how it represents perfectly the main characters and I also loved the black & white colors. I would definitely buy this book just by it's cover because I would know looking at it, that it would be erotica with submission. Masterpiece!

Characters 5 stars
Lydia - such a rich "heroine". An incredible multidimensional character, Lydia takes me into a roller coaster of emotions.
Yes she was a bad girl from the start, but she got her second chance/wind... and she really grabbed it.
I could relate with her, I did connect with her and at the end I understood her. What else could I expect from a character?
"Three men, all of whom had more control over her than anyone ever had in her entire life, all of whom had proven their ability to evoke infinite levels of both sensation and emotion in her physical body"

The triad:
Gabriel - Who wouldn't fall in love with him? He was the gentle soul, the safe harbor and the easiest to love of the triad.
I really enjoyed that even though she need the trio, she could love one, or better yet, she could feel loved by one of them. He was her favorite and he deserved to be.
He was the proud one. He only gave her, what she voiced for him. Even though he was the "Dom" she the "sub" he never gave her anything that she had not learned inside that she wanted.
"It might be the only thing keeping both her and me sane."

Kruin - His name really matches him. He is mysterious, but he is also the strength of the group. He made everyone feel protected, cared for.
He liked to discipline her. He was the more strict and them and the one she wanted approval from the most.
"Her warmth was also evoked by Kruin's enigmatic yet affectionate power"

Preston- He is a hard one to talk about. He is hateful really. He is in a quest for vengeance from some misgivings of a teenage that she wasn't even really aware. But I understood in the end how important his role is for the book and also for Lydia. He really knew her better than herself at some extent. He was obsessed with her since they were kids and to be able to understand and forgive him was a huge step for Lydia. In his crazy way he has always loved her. He liked humiliation and total submission.
"Your offer came with a heavy price, but if it weren't for you..." "You gave me a whole new life."

plot 5 stars
Lydia journey through self discovery is painful, hurtful, shocking, but so so so good. Really I did feel all of Lydia's emotions along the way. I did hurt and I did love with her.
The author explained so well her emotions and feelings.
She doesn't give us a lot of background on the man, but this book is all about Lydia and we learn and feel Lydia deep inside.
It was not a very easy story to follow at the beginning, but afterwards it gets the flow. I was always trying to guess what would happen next and the intensity of feelings grew along the way. I ended the book really wanting more. I want the second book NOW! lol

sex heat 5 stars
Wow! Yes it's mostly dubious consent, but is hot hot hot! Really really hot! Needing cold shower hot! Wow!

originality 5 stars
I love to rate thinking of what has the author offer me new.
Let me tell you, Nina Lane gave me a totally different book than anything I've read before. I do read a lot!
Is this all believable and credible? I'm not certain, but she sold it to me. :)

editing 5 stars
Excellent editing work. I remember only one typo mistake.
Her writing is also superb!

Impressions, Opinion

Nina Lane has a lyrical way of writing that it's not usually found in erotica read, specially contemporary books. I really like it, IMO it makes it richer and it matches her stories. But I know that it bother some people.

A book that takes me into a roller coasters of emotions, that offers me almost a cathartic experience is a wonderful book IMO!
So, for me, this book was PERFECT!

I'm really looking forward to the next book, because it does leave us with feelings of unfinished business.

I recommend to anyone that wants to read DARK erotica. I meant dark! It's not your usual BDSM books with predefined DOM/sub roles.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Interview: Mia Downing

On Thursday, January 24th at, author Mia Downing will be chatting with us and answering all our questions.

Thursday, January 24th 
Albany (U.S.A. - New York) Thursday, 24 January 2013, 20:00:00 EST UTC-5 hours 
Rio de Janeiro (Brazil - Rio de Janeiro) Thursday, 24 January 2013, 23:00:00 BRST UTC-2 hours 
Los Angeles (U.S.A. - California) Thursday, 24 January 2013, 17:00:00 PST UTC-8 hours 
Houston (U.S.A. - Texas) Thursday, 24 January 2013, 19:00:00 CST UTC-6 hours 
Sydney (Australia - New South Wales) Friday, 25 January 2013, 12:00:00 EDT UTC+11 hours 
London (United Kingdom - England) Friday, 25 January 2013, 01:00:00 GMT UTC 
Corresponding UTC (GMT) Friday, 25 January 2013, 01:00:00 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Review: A Taste for a Mate (Redwood Pack, #2)

A Taste for a Mate (Redwood Pack, #2)A Taste for a Mate by Carrie Ann Ryan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 stars, wow! PNR, erotica, series, hot

Werewolf Comments & Graphics

~Magickal Graphics~

Willow is alone in the world, but has made it. She has her own bakery and feels happy to have become someone.
Jasper and his wolf loved Willow scent, but they don't want to scare her, so he decides to visit her bakery everyday for almost 2 months.
Finally he ask her out, but fate and/or an evil enemy doesn't want it to happen.
This book explains better the ins-and-outs of the Redwood Pack, what they are fighting against and shows 2 great characters in Willow and Jasper. Oh, the author left a major cliffhanger at the end, that only made me want to read the next faster!

cover 4 stars
I really liked it. I would have bought it in a book store, but I wish the name of the book was a bit smaller. The couple is sexy and the wolf is even sexier, so I wanted to see them better. :)

characters 5 stars
Willow - I really loved the heroine, she was soft and tough at the same time.
Jasper- Oh, even better than Kade! Of course his book was longer, so I could see more of him.
Can I just say that I'm really looking forward to read more about all brothers. Oh, each one seem better than the other!

plot 5 stars
Not even a huge cliffhanger at the end, took out from this one.
It's a fast-paced full of action story. Easy to follow, at the same time kept me guessing what would come next all the time. I really enjoyed the intensity of how the relationship grew and the cliffhanger at the end made me start reading book 3 TODAY!

sex heat 5 stars
Carrie Ann Ryan's scenes are really wonderful. They are there for a reason, they are hot and creative. Oh, sometimes I wanted to know a little bit more, but that is the pervert in me. lol

editing 4.5 stars
Really good. Only a few minor mistakes with my edition.

originality 5 stars
I really believe this is the strength of this series. It's a romance with werewolves, but they are UNIQUE! I love the feeling of something fresh, new that her werewolves and Redwood pack world gives me. It's different, unexpected, something that I want to know more!

Impressions, opinion

Oh, I usually hate cliffhangers, lol and I probably would hate it more if I had to wait to read next book, since it's already inside my kindle, I have to say " Carrie Ann that was a masterpiece!"

Really looking forward to this series and I believe that anyone that likes a hot PNR should be reading it right now!

"Though a man is pure at heart, and says his prayers at night. He may become a wolf, and the wolf bane blooms, when the Autumn moon is bright." - Van Helsing

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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Review: An Alpha's Path (Redwood Pack, #1)

An Alpha's Path (Redwood Pack, #1)An Alpha's Path by Carrie Ann Ryan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4.5 stars PNR, erotica, series

Werewolf Comments & Graphics

~Magickal Graphics~

cover 5 stars
A really hot cover! I could see by the cover only, this would be an erotic werewolf book!! I would totally buy just looking at this cover.

characters 4.5 stars
Melanie- she was an ok heroine. She annoyed me a little, but I can see a future for her growth in this series.
Kade - He was wonderful! Dark, hot and handsome... but not too pushy. I can really see him as a future alpha!
I did connect with the characters and understood their choices.

plot 4 stars
This is a good beginning of a series, but as mostly prequels is a bit rushed. The plot is a bit unbelievable, but this is PNR, so all is possible.
It was easy to follow, I like how the intensity of the story grew and I ended the book wanting to know more about the Redwood Pack.

sex heat 5 stars
It was perfect! It was really steamy hot, but it had enough plot, so it wasn't too much. Really great scenes.

editing 4 stars
I didn't see that many mistakes and since this was a first book for a self-publish author I found it pretty good.

originality 5 stars
I really enjoyed the "new" feeling I got from this series. I love a "shifter" book and I'm always game to read it, but Carrie Ann's werewolves brought something different. I really enjoyed the 2 beings = 1 man of her wolves.

Impressions, opinion
A new author with a very promising series. I'm really looking forward to know more about the Redwood pack and to read more about this "new werewolves".

I recommend to anyone that loves a good hot read with wolves in the mix!

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Review: Just Ask

Just AskJust Ask by Mia Downing

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 stars M/M, Romance, light kinky

Jordan has inherited an island from his uncle and as a last-wish-type-of-thing he visits to throw his ashes in a perfect place.
To find this perfect spot, he decides to spend a weekend in paradise, trying to reconnect with himself and his uncle.
There he meets his new partner, cowboy Ryan, that was also his uncle best friend.
Even though he has always been straight, his attraction to Ryan is explosive.
The book explores Jordan journey through self-discovery and teach him that if he wants something he only need to "Just Ask".

cover 4 stars
After reading the book, I totally understood it. But only looking at it first, I couldn't see it was m/m; but I would still buy this book by the cover in a bookstore. Hot guy and beautiful sea, that's a great combination!

characters 5 stars
I really loved both male characters. Both of them had weakness and were not afraid of working it.

plot 5 stars
I believe this is the strength of this book. It has an amazingly develop plot. It shows the journey of the characters to it's completion without leaving anything out.
It was really well written. The intensity of the story grew proportionally and I was always on my toes, wanted to now what's next.

sex heat 4 stars
It has great scenes. This was my first all m/m book and I was happily surprise. :) The love scenes are heavy on love, which made them sweet at the same time they were steamy.

editing 5 stars
It was really good. I don't remember a major problem I had with the typing.

impressions and opinion
This book was Mia Downing at her best!
We can feel the authors romantic heart, at the same time she uses just a bit of kinky so it doesn't get sappy.
Really a masterpiece!

I would recommend to anyone that loves a good written romance. Even for those like me, that hasn't venture into M/M before, I would say: Live a little, give it a try!

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Monday, January 14, 2013

Review: Hard Candy for Christmas

Hard Candy for ChristmasHard Candy for Christmas by Ella Dominguez

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4.5 stars Erotica, PNR, Menage, Short-story

Cover: a 5 star. I really loved it. I can see it's all about Christmas, it's erotica and it's the female character. :)

Characters: 4.5 stars overall Lia: 5 stars Dale: 4.5 stars Nick: 4 stars
I really love the heroine, she was funny and feisty. ;)
Both males were good, as often in a menage, they complemented each other. Even though I usually like best the dark-dangerous one, in this matter the blond won!
Dale was shy and kinky. How could I not love him?
I did understand all the characters and because of if I felt a connection with them.

Fairy Comments & Graphics

~Magickal Graphics~

Plot: 4 stars
Real good for a short-story. The author really managed to explain every bit of detail really well.
It was an easy read that left me feeling "I want more". I really enjoyed the humor of the characters and I love the intensity of their relationship.
It was believable, specially because it was a PNR story. I just expected more at the ending. ;)

Sex Heat: 5 stars
Real steamy! Kinky!

Editing: 4 stars
Just a few errors and some skipped words. Since this is a first copy posted for the readers on GR I really rated it good.

Impressions and Opinion

I really loved Ella's writing style and I could relate with her characters.
I'm looking forward to read other things from her.
I really enjoyed the author's originality and I saw some different things from what I usually see around. :)
I didn't rate it 5 stars, because I found the ending a bit lacking. I wanted more! :)

I would recommend this book to anyone that likes a fun-sexy-read!

Thanks Ella, in the name of KW for this wonderful book!

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Review: Trained for Seduction

Trained for Seduction
Trained for Seduction by Mia Downing

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 stars erotica, menage, light bdsm, series

I really liked this cover. I could see it was going to be a hot military read! :)

I really like Kate. A strong, but sometimes fragile female character. Very complex, like most of us women are. I did connect and understood her.

Chase- a good hero. A bit complex, tortured hero - the tall dark and dangerous type. Usually, the type that I love most. But IMO, it was overshadow by Jake.

Jake- YAY! I totally loved Jake. I can't wait to read his book and know more about him. Wow, what a friend, what a man!

The credibility it's so so. The first couple chapters were even harder to believe. It was not amazingly belivable, as I'm certain that's not how it happens in goverment agencies, but as I got hooked into the story, who cares if it's very credible or not?

After the first two chapters the story was pretty easy to follow and it keep me in my toes until the end. I never knew for certain what exactly would happen, since the characters were very complex. I really enjoy the little twist at the end. When we think it all fine and solved.... something happened.


In a scale from 1 - 5, I would totally scream 5! Oh, it was steamy, cold shower alert!
Specially, I found some originality into the scenes and the description was great.
Oh... can I just say again that I'm totally in love with menage scenes. :)

It was pretty darn good, I don't remember any major mistake.

Impressions, Opinion

Oh, I'm so looking forward to read the next book. Just knowing I will see more of Jake it's good enough for me. :)

If it wasn't for the unbelivable first 2 chapters, I would have rated 5 stars. :)

I recommend for anyone that likes to have fun with steamy hot scenes!

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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Review: A Man for the Season

A Man for the SeasonA Man for the Season by Xavier Edwards

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 stars. I would love to read a sequel for this short-story. :) Holidays, erotica, romance

It's not a bad cover, but it doesn't tell me anything from the story. I don't know, I would like a more holiday themed cover.

I was really intrigued by the male character. It was unexpected. I had no idea I would read about (view spoiler)[Santa (hide spoiler)] having sex. lol It was unexpected, fun!
The female, nothing memorable really. She was ok.

Again, it's different from what I've read from Xavier before. I really like his twist with the identity of the character, but I wanted maybe a more complete ending. lol Of course, this is a good book to have a sequel.

It was a 2 in a scale of 5. It basically had one scene, which was good. Again I was surprised by the bend over. :)

Impressions and opinion

This books seems like a prequel for a great story. I have never read a Kinky story with (view spoiler)[Santa (hide spoiler)] and would definitely be game to read one. :)

Christmas Comments Pictures
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