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Review: Satin & Oak

Satin & Oak
Satin & Oak by Xavier Edwards

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Romance - light Erotica - Christmas

This book is really short, so I'm not sure how to review it. I will try to follow my standard guideline, but I won't write a summary. :)

Cover art 3 stars
I would not buy this book in a bookstore just looking at it's cover, but I would know it was about Christmas.

characters 3 stars
Both characters were good, even though I prefer Gerome.
I did not have time to connect or relate with them, but I did understand what their problems were.

plot 3 stars
I believe the plot a bit confusing. Since this was a very short book, the author didn't have the time to explain the "world built" in depth and I started thinking this was a historical short-story, but some parts mentioned made me think that it was contemporary.
If I left the time period aside, the story was easy to follow and it had a good flow. The intensity in the book could not be measured, because it was really short, but I did kept trying to guess what would come next.

sex heat 3 stars
I did see this book more as a romance, than an erotica tale. The few scenes mentioned had good descriptions, but they were not hot enough to be considered erotica IMO. I believe the self-made toy was very original. I enjoyed the idea. :)

credibility/originality 3 stars
I did not relate to the story, but I think setting aside the time period confusion it was believable. I really could see this happening to a family and a small village. It was not very original, but it was very sweet. :)

editing 5 stars
I usually see many typo and editing mistakes in these really short stories. Here, Xavier and his team were spotless. I thank him for that. I guess, since this was release at GR and for free, he could have gone the sloppy way. He didn't and the job was excellent done.

Impressions and opinion
This is the second sweet romance I read from Xavier. I believe I've found out that he is a romantic at heart.
In this book, his romantic side shone and the erotica was a bit forgotten.
Me, I love a good romance and I doesn't always need to be an erotic romance.

I recommend this: sit by the fire, curl up in a chair, drink something hot and read this romantic tale... you will feel a bit of Christmas Magic.

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