Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Review: Come To Me

Come To Me
Come To Me by Sofia Grey

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4.5 stars Erotic romance, PNR, ghosts

Since this is a short story, I will skip summary because my reviews already explains a lot of the book.

cover art 4 stars
I really like the cover. I even can see a few scenes from the book in that cover. If it had any touch of a cowboy, maybe a hat or instead of silk ribbon a rope it would have been perfect. :)
I would buy this book in a store just by looking at it. I would know it would be a sex read.

Characters 5 stars
Summer - she was a great heroine. First I really enjoy both her jobs. Second, she was a woman that didn't hide away from fear or pain and went after what she didn't even know existed. :)
Jake - What's not to like in a hot cowboy with that sweet accent and a dominating attitude? Jake was perfect!
I did relate, connect and understood the characters. Even though this was a short-story it never felt to me, like I was missing anything. I met the characters and I learn it all about them.

plot 5 stars
Fast, fun, hot read.
It was a great plot. Very well explained in such a short story. I don't think I'm missed any details.
The book keep me guessing "what's next" and I loved how the intensity grew into the story.

sex heat 4 stars
A short story with several great scenes. Wow, that cowboy was hot!
A few great descriptions of scenes and some originality also.

credibility/originality 4 stars
You must understand this is PNR, so not everything is very explainable. Still, she usually encounter spirits of dead people, but she found the spirit of her soul mate. Hard to believe! It worked for me though. :)
Very original! Nothing I've read before and something I would love to read more.

editing 5 stars
Excellent job! I don't remember any typo problems. I usually find them more often in short stories, and this one was spotless.

Impressions and opinion
I'm usually a hard-sale on very short-stories. I love details, emotions, to feel connected with the characters and usually this is tough to do in short-stories.
Sofia did it wonderfully. I believe I've learned everything I needed from both characters and I understood their world perfectly.
Well done!

I'm really looking forward for what's next Sofia! :)

I recommend this book for any romantic soul out there!

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