Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Review: Brotherhood of Fire

Brotherhood of Fire
Brotherhood of Fire by Elizabeth Moore

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 stars Menage, series, contemporary, erotica

cover 5 stars
I really love it. It's hot! Really with double meaning. We can see that's going to be a menage and we also can see that's going to be some firefighters. :)

characters 5 stars
Garrett - Tall dark and dangerous! A bit wild, a risk taker, impulsive and intense! What's not to like?
John - Also tall, dark and dangerous! He has a sweet nature, calmer, emotional, thinker.
Really they both complement each other like a puzzle.
Carrie - I believe she is the star in this story. She is the best character. What a great heroine. She mix well emotions with rationalizations.
I've totally related, connected and understood the characters. I felt their emotions and suffered with them.

plot 4 stars
It was a good plot. What I like the best, was that it felt more real than most menage stories that are out there.
The author showed real struggles and conflicted emotions that maybe a real "menage" relationship must go through.
It was easy to follow and I was hooked from the beginning. I was always wanting to know "what's next" and the intensity of it was really good.
I just didn't enjoyed the end so much. It was a bit predictable.

sex heat 5 stars
This was hot hot hot! Take cold shower hot! Fan yourself hot!
The scenes were very descriptive and it had some originality to it.

credibility 4 stars
I believe this was the most credible "menage story" I've read.
Their struggles were very believable and we could see that maybe that's how it must happen in real life.

originality 5 stars
It was totally new. I've never read a menage within firefighters before and I've never read a menage that explore an already married couple's relationship adding another male into the mix.

editing 3 stars
It was fair. I found many little mistakes in my book. Nothing major that would make me stop reading it, but I believe if the author can update it to a next version it would be beneficial to the readers.

impressions and opinion
This was the most believable menage book I've read. Because, it started with a married couple, that didn't weight in the consequences of adding a third into the mix.
Personally, being married for so long, I was internally bother by how the husband introduce this into their relationship. But this is me personally, this has nothing to do with the book itself.
I've point out this, because I believe that the best books leave a mark within the reader. It bothers the reader somehow.
That's exactly how I felt.

I will certainly continue with the series and I'm really looking forward for what else the author has to add into this.

Amazing book!

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