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Review: Uprising

Uprising (Fires of Providence, #1)Uprising by Dawn Jayne

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4.5 stars PNR, adult fantasy, angels, dark angels, fallen angels, series, Lucifer

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It took me a while to post my review. Usually a book don't let me confused and dazed, this one did. So, I had to think about and settle my feelings. :)
I won't post a summary, because that would be hard for me to do it.

Cover 4 stars
It's a catching cover.
I always look for the theme of the book at the covers.
With this one, I can see is going to be about angels, maybe a gray/dark part of the world.
I just think that it maybe a bit YA the cover which could be misleading.

characters 5 stars
Tyre- he was my favorite. He was the kind of character that I love. A badass, with a huge ego and some attitude that usually hide some deep feeling inside, maybe part of the trials of life.
With Tyre starts my dazed feelings with the book.
I got stuck on him and it was hard for to grasp the concept of the path the author took with his character. Shocking!

Dominik - He is really the opposite of Tyre and i usually don't go for "perfection". So, I did struggle until the end with him, but I definitely so the growth of his character along the way. His twist was better taken than Tyre.

Rise - I love her. I love a dark heroine. She is not perfect, she screw up a lot, she is human even when she is not. :)

This is a totally multidimensional book, and there are several secondary characters that were quite interesting.
I did relate, connect and understood Ms. Jayne's characters.

plot 4.5 stars
I usually look for 5 main things here:
The world built by the author was amazing. On the surface it seems shallow, but as the book went on it got deeper and more creative with several twists along the way. Great work! (world built)

The story was not easy to follow IMO, and I disagree with some of the authors choices right at the beginning, so this was also a hindrance for me. (easy to follow)

Even when I got mad at this book, I was always intrigued and was always expecting the unexpected. The was not a moment that I didn't feel like guessing what was next. Full of twists!(keep me guessing)

I've ended this book wanting more! This I believe separates the good books from the great ones. :) (wanting more)

This book start in a slow pace, a bit shallow and it grew in intensity along the way. When I got to the climax, I had this pressure built inside me, this anguish, this feeling of doubt, of shock. Wow! I love to feel! (intensity)

credibility/originality4 stars
This is PNR, so inside of this fantastic world the author made I believe in it.
I have one tiny thing to point out: I think Rise adopt father was thrown away to easily and I believe that Shay story was left hanging.
Was it original? One of the most original reads I've ever seen. Wow!

impressions and opinion
I cannot rate it 5 stars and say this was outstanding because I don't agree with all the choices the author made. lol I know, I'm like a dog with a bone... can't let go!

Even with Tyre's twist at the end, I cannot see why the author would "waste" so much character potential this way.
Personally, I don't like what Tyre have become.

Was it better than great? Yep! It was.
Will I keep reading the series? YES!
Am I looking forward? Definitely!

I recommend for anyone that enjoys a great fantasy world.

Usually I read romance... the romance in this novel was very far away, but is so so so good, that I didn't miss it for more than 2 minutes.

"Angels aid us in our personal mission. We have to learn to listen, for if we block the angels out, they become only the fairy beings of dreams and pleasant stories." - Silver Ravenwolf

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