Saturday, November 10, 2012

Review: The Djinn's Dilemma

The Djinn's Dilemma
The Djinn's Dilemma by Mina Khan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It's a so so so good book! Paranormal Romance


Rukh O'Shay is an assassin, half-Djinn/half-human, that is used to his marks being really bad people. So, when he meets Sarah Jasmine White, his new mark, he is completely baffled.
Sarah White is a reporter for the Austin American-Herald that has been having nightmares lately. She always dream of being surrounded by fire and she is certain a malign force is haunting her.
Rukh and Sarah's meeting it is not by fate, but their explosive attraction is stronger than their wills.
Will love and lust be enough, or will their secrets destroy it all?

Impressions and Opinion

A fast-paced novella, the Djinn's Dilemma was a lovely surprise.
It's a PNR so differently than the usual, that it's refreshing in it's own way.
Both main characters are very well described by the author, even though this was a short-story.
The world built by Ms. Khan was interesting and new. Wonderful really!
The plot was great with a good surprise with the unexpected "evil".

I really enjoyed the book and I'm really interest in this new world, never read before. It's such a unique, refreshing idea, that I was surprised by it all.

I will be looking for more from Mina Khan and her Djinn world.

I recommend this book for all the PNR lovers!

P.S This book is hot and dangerous. Don't read it in the open, you might burst out in flames!

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