Monday, November 26, 2012

Trip and Kindle

I had a wonderful trip with my family, but  I wasn't reading much. Yes, that's a bit weird for me, since I usually read 6 books a week.
I did read some short-stories and used the time to cleaned up my kindles some. I also went a little crazy, and bought for myself a Kindle Fire that I saw at a store in Paris. It is my third kindle (fourth really, if I want to remember my favorite first, that I broke it in July) and I have no idea if a Fire works here in Brazil. All of my other kindles I've bought online, therefore it was a very emotional moment for me to see a store full of them and somehow I ended up buying it without really knowing how it will function.
I never really wanted a Fire, I may have dreamed before of a  Paperlight, but never of a Fire.
I'm not even certain how I'm going to add it up to my other 2 kindles. You see, I've divided my 2 previous kindles by author's first name and my Kindle 1 has all authors from A-M and my kindle 2 has authors from N-Z.

So, I haven't try my new kindle, because I still haven't got a clue what exactly to do with it. :)

I really enjoyed visiting Paris this time of the year. Here, in Rio de Janeiro, it's always hot or very hot. So, I don't usually have a nice Autumn and I never, ever see these leaves.

I have a hidden place inside my closet where I keep all my winter clothes. I only wear them when we go away from home. I really love wearing wool! Before, people start asking where is this place in Paris, we took the train and visit Brussels for a day!

As much as I love a good romance and I drool and swoon for every hero, this is my true King! I thought about typing in prince, but I bet my husband would rather be a king!

Now it's time for Christmas, Paris was already "dressed up" for it!

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