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Review: Blood Knot

Blood Knot (Blood Stone, #1)Blood Knot by Tracy Cooper-Posey

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 stars PNR, Vampires, menage, m/m/f

Vampire Comments

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Summary: Wow, wow, wow! I loved it!

An old vampire all-male couple had a tiff. Then enters a not-so-human female into the mix, and we got COMBUSTION! What can I say, you have PNR, lots of sex( f/m, m/m, m/f/m, m/m/f,) and a great new world. What's not to like?

cover 5 stars

Have you seen this cover? It's amazing! I would buy it in a store, just for the cover alone. I would know exactly what this book is about.
What would I see in a store? This book is hot, with an m/m/f relationship, where we probably would guess with a m/m couple and the f coming in later. I would guess pnr, and most specially vampire because of the grayish color and the face of the male.

characters 5 stars

I have no idea whom I've liked best. 2 amazing heros and 1 kick-ass heroine. Really! Tracy Cooper-Posey was inspired.

If I could make one criticism it would be, that I would like to know what species exactly is each character.
But I believe the discovery is part of the journey of the book.

plot 5 stars

It was a very well written story. It was not hard for me to follow, even though I have never been to this "world" before. I like how the author explained the mixture of fiction with RL myths.
It was fast-pacing, even though a long book, and it keep me guessing all along. The author was amazing about increasing the intensity of this book and at the end I was totally satisfied at the same time wanting to read the next one.
This is one of the big props I would give the author. This is a serie with clearly a new world to be explored but it ended as a complete novel, no cliffhangers whatsoever. Amazing!

sex heat 5 stars

HOT HOT HOT! I'm not sure if I haven't read it before, but if felt fresh and gave me a lot of goose bumps.
It was very descriptive and amazingly equal to all characters even though there were three of them.

originality 5 stars

This book is so good, that brought a total new "species" to this reader that have been reading PNR for the last 15 yrs or so.

editing 4.5 stars

I don't remember many typo mistakes and I tend to be pretty pick about them. (specially with books I've paid for)

Impressions and Opinion

I don't believe I've ever read a book from this author before. I know I got it as a freebie and I was suppose to have read it last year for a BOTM. Life ended it up getting in my way and I've only read it this week.
Never too late for greatness! I was really surprise by the book. I did choose it to read it by alphabetical order in my kindle, it was just my luck it starts with a B. lol

Among the many surprises this book brought, my favorite one, was how well the author mixed sex and love. It has lots and lots of sex scenes. Since I'm an erotica lover, I was very pleased with it. But, I don't find often, really hot sex scenes that doesn't make me doubt the love in it. Well, the author made me really believe that everybody was in love with each other in this book. My, need-must have HEA side, was well pleased at that.

If I would recommend this book? Please, what are you waiting for? I've said at the beginning this is a PNR - menage book. If you've read my review, you probably enjoy this type of book. Get yours and wow yourself!

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