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Review: Bound by Decency

Bound By Decency (The Flying Gang Legacy #1)Bound By Decency by Claire Ashgrove

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 stars historical romance, series

Summary: It was a good book.

It's not a new idea, but a well written version of the famous pirate story. A damsel in distress is kidnapped by the bad pirate, that ended up not being so bad. The pirate fall in love with his lady that doesn't act so lady like.

It seems cliché, but it was a great story with a very promising future for the series.

Pirate Comments & Graphics

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cover 4 stars

It's a good cover. You can understand what this is about by it's cover.

You know it's a romantic story with pirates. I guess I wished the name of the book was smaller and in a different place.

characters 4 stars

The hero is good, not great because I tend to enjoy more the bad-boy-type. He struggles with his past choices so much that made him a too good of a guy for me sometimes. :) Totally personal preference. He is hot and good.

The heroine I loved it. She was fun, different, as kick-ass as a rich-blue-blooded lady could be.

Really interesting secondary characters with major promises for future books.

plot 3.5 stars

It was nothing new, but very well developed by the author.
The pace of the book was it's weakest point. The beginning was slow, but after it heated up, it become quite good.
I ended the book, wanting more and the intensity did grew accordingly.

sex heat 4 stars

No, it's not erotica. But for a historical vanilla romance, the sex is good. Some very interesting scenes. (my comments are based on my personal preference, because I usually read more kinky books. But I do love romance and a great HEA)

originality 3.5 stars

No, the idea is this book is not new, but the series in general seems very refreshing with some great plots to be discover.

editing 5 stars
I don't remember any typo mistakes. Thanking you Ms. Ashgrove and her editing team. I really appreciate good editing.

Impressions and Opinion

I started my romance books journey with historical books. I was just a teen back then, and I used to love it. Nowadays, it's not what I usually read, but I still enjoy it now and then. It really depends on the author.
Claire Ashgrove got her a new fan. At least this series I plan to finish and probably will try some of her other books.
Her book is well written, with a not one-dimensional plot. Her story has depth and I can see that her series will probably gain in intensity.

If you enjoy historical romances, this is a great one to read it.

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