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Review: The Rebound

The ReboundThe Rebound by Emilia Mancini

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 stars romance, contemporary, erotica

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cover 4.5 stars

If I were in a store I would buy it looking at the cover.
I would have guess that it was an erotica romance.
I also find the black and white photo very elegant.

characters 4.5 stars

Conner: I really liked him. Even though I guess I would like him to be a bit more rough on the edges, he did make up for it during sex. :)
Casi: She was a good character also. Not so nice, more troubled than Conner, but her separation was freshier than him, so I guess her scars were to new still.

plot 3.5 stars

It's a really well written story. Even though that's a lot of sex scenes, it doesn't feel this way, because they have meaning and purpose on the plot.
I like how the author brought out the emotions of the characters which really helped me to connect with them and feel throught the book their feelings.
My one major problem was the ending. I did not like at all. I felt it was rushed, that maybe if there story were a bit longer we could have the end that it deserved. In fact, the games were amazing and I did not believe that the couple felt like it they wouldn't need it anymore within their relationship going steady.

I would have rated the plot 5 stars, but near the ending it's suppose to be the climax of the book and it left me frustrated.

sex heat 5 stars

This was amazing. I wasn't expecting that many great scenes in such a short book. I loved the voyerism club idea. It was hot hot hot!

originality 4 stars

I found it refreshing. It brought something new, even though I was expecting the HEA, it took me a while to find out who would be the "break-up" reason before the I-love-you-forever-kind-of-thing (which I personally love, because I'm always looking for a HEA).

editing 5 stars

I don't remember a particular problem with the book, which was wonderful. Nowadays, specially in short-stories I find a lot of typo problems.

Impressions and Opinion

This was almost the perfect short-story book. I cannot let a bad ending slide though.

I would recommend this book to everyone that likes contemporary romance. If you are not into erotica though, you won't like, and maybe if you only read hardcore kinky it won't like it either.

If you are like me that read from vanilla romance to hardcore, you will have a thrill.
It's very sweet kinky! Hot!

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