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Review: Theirs to Play

Theirs to Play (Billionaire Games, #1)Theirs to Play by Kenya Wright

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 stars contemporary, erotica,

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Summary: Wow! This was so different than anything I was expecting.

The story has 3 characters in a first person POV. 2 guys and 1 girl.

The brothers are rich, spoiled and careless. The girl has learned the hard way about "their type" before. She decides she is the perfect person to teach them a lesson. So, she enters this "game" to win. Will there be any winner at the end of the book? You MUST read this to find out!

cover 5 stars

If I were in a store this cover would have catch my attention.
It's classy and beautiful. The black and white and the use of shadows makes it's very elegant. I also love that the title adds to the cover and doesn't compete for attention.
In relation to the book, I would guess this is an erotica romance and with the addition of the title I would also assume that the story has more than 2 main characters.
I love it! This woman is sexy and she knows.

characters 5 stars

Ms. Wright's characters are masterfully written. It's amazing how she builds multi-dimensional characters without loosing the pace of the plot. She presents characters with such emotional depth, that makes the reader really feel for/with/against them.

Dawn: She is the perfect "heroine". She is a kick-ass independant woman, that knows what she wants and takes charge of her life. Like everybody she has scars and is afraid of repeting past mistakes, but she doesn't let those mistakes rule her life.

"This was about lashing back at the theorized alpha male who thought he could do or say anything he wanted just because he had good looks, money, and the stupidity of a swollen ego."

Freddy: A spoiled rich man, that is totally lost and doesn't even know it. He is hot, rich and shallow. He goes through life creating lies and using people for his own amusement. He is insecure and hides behind a mask of hapiness. He is the most imperfect "hero" you could ever find.

Max: He is a lost puppy. It seems that he has been crying for help for a while, but because he comes from such a shallow, selfish world, he doesn't have anyone around him taking the time to notice. He is the youngling that has never heard no. He is into this path of self-destruction and doesn't see a way out.

plot 5 stars

It's very unexpected. Amazing!

It's written in the first person, switching from three different POV. It was a very smart move of the author, as this style of writing offered a better emotional immersion within the characters at the same time it kept the pace of plot fluid.
This plot was so well crafted that it was easy to follow, but it keep me guessing along the way. Even though I've finished the book wanting more, I've got the feeling that the first segment was complete and it happened as it should have.
This book made me laugh (view spoiler), at the same time it made me feel so much.
The only con I can remember, it was the way they travelled out of the spur of the moment, because I don't believe people carry the right documentation anywhere they are at, to just leave and go. (I know, I'm very picky and this is fiction)

sex heat 5 stars

This wasn't an erotica book full of sex scenes. No, it was a book with a sensual vibe from the beginning to the end of the book, and the sex scenes were built gradually in intensity. The last one with the bit of voyarism was HOT.
I believe they were all pertinent to the plot.

originality 5 stars

I've never read this one before. NEVER! I was not expecting this at all. This veered so much from my initial idea of the book, that all I can say is WOW!

editing 4.5 stars

I did find a few mistakes, but they were really few, to be counted in one hand only.

Impressions and opinion

All the books that I've read from Ms. Wright before were PNR, so I was unsure how her "world built" would work with contemporary romance.

I am a fan! From now on, I will read everything/anything Ms. Wright's write, because she knows how to twist a plot.

"So you ask, if I hope to break you. Hell f***** yes. I want to be lost in you for several hours. I want to destroy you until you can't see or think about anything else but me. I have to command your body and capture your soul."

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