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Review: Captiva Captive

Captiva Captive
Captiva Captive by Talyn Scott

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

2.5 starsPNR, erotica

cover 4 stars

Looking at it's cover I could see this book is erotica and that it was about a woman held captive.
I'm missing here elements that would point out the supernatural part of the book.
It's a classy cover.

characters 2.5 stars

There are so many characters, and groups in this book, that I find a bit confusing who are the main and the secondary.
It's clear I've missed some info of the book (now I've found out that a previous series has introduce all this characters before).

Sixten: I guess he is the male protagonist of the book. I don't like him.
Yes, I like Dominants, but not bullies. In my opinion Sixten is a bully. He likes to say he is so different than his brother, I have my doubts. (1 star)

Blythe: I don't dislike her, but I don't love her either. I don't know exactly what of her I don't like, I guess I just didn't feel the connection. (2.5 stars)

Secondary characters: So many of them. I will mention those that I find much more interesting than the main characters here.
I like Dakota, Blythe supposedly best friend, that is never mentioned by Blythe at all.
I like Kash, Sixten's best-friend. Now that is a vampire that I could tangle with.
I like Rock the security specialist of the were-wolves.
I like Dr. Dru, the vampire doctor. (4 stars)

plot 3 stars

It's not an easy to follow book, and I've found myself lost many times. The author jumps back and forth in time, but doesn't give the readers any words or dates, or anything as transition warning.
I think the fact that I haven't read the first series that is connected to this one, plays a major part on me getting lost at times. But there was no where in the blurb of the book recommending the series, so I've just found out after I've finished the book.

I did get hook to the story at some point, and it kept me guessing at times. Mostly the secondary characters were the ones that interested me.
I want more, because I believe some characters deserve their own book.

sex heat 2.5 stars

I didn't really enjoy this compulsion thing of the vampires with the others. I was never sure when the women were really enjoying and when they were being forced to enjoy.
Some good scenes, but I did not connect with them.

originality 4 stars

The author's idea is different than most I have read, I only sometimes believe that she is mixing too many ideas together.

editing 2 stars

Too many typo mistakes. The worst part was that the main characters name "Sixten" I believe, were typed as Sixteen a lot through out the book. Really hope this problem will be fixed in the second book of the series.

Impressions and opinion

This was one of those confusing books, that it felt kind of like a roller coaster and I'm not sure what to rate.

I will read book 2 only because I have it already inside my kindle and I'm hoping to see some of my favorite characters' story told.

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