Sunday, December 9, 2012

Review: Trouble with Harry

Trouble with Harry
Trouble with Harry by Myla Jackson

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

2.5 stars It was an ok book. Erotica, PNR

Cover: I like the cover. Not only the man with no face, but also the rock on the left that has everything to do with the book. I like the color of the heading.

Characters: I like Harry, the main male character. He was a good hero.
I like Mitch the secondary, male character.
I dislike the heroine. Eddie was a 30 year virgin, full of confidence problems because of family history that suddenly tries to became a vixen. I didn't buy it. She really irritated me, most of the time.
There is also a third male character, that it promise good things for a future book.

Plot: It's an ok plot. The woman works in a museum and brings out a bottle and a rock from the past. Sort of like a "genie in a bottle", but her genie is talk, dark, handsome and naked! lol

Heat: it has lots of good scenes, but the girls first time was really a turn-off IMO.

End: There is no end. Really, it's stops in the middle of a scene. So you need to buy the next book, to know what's going to happen.

Opinion: Some funny moments with a good idea of a plot. Really the heroine and the end dropped my overall rating from "I like" to "It's ok".

I got it as a freebie and even though I was left hanging, I'm not certain I will buy the next book.

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